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Arab countries give Qatar 10 days to close Al-Jazeera to end crisis

Four Arab countries give Qatar list of 13 demands to end ongoing diplomatic and economic isolation.   Four Arab states have given Qatar 10 days to meet 13 conditions in order to end a current diplomatic and economic crisis in the Gulf. Earlier in June, several nations across the Arab world cut

US reacts forcefully to Russian threat to treat US planes in Syria as ‘targets’

  The United States has responded forcefully to Russia's threat to treat U.S.-led coalition planes in the skies over Syria as targets, as tensions escalate in the 6-year Syrian conflict. "We're going to do what we can to protect our interests," White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Monday, defending the decision to shoot down a Syrian SU-22

Gulf crisis engulfs Africa

The diplomatic row between Qatar and its Arab neighbors is gradually enveloping African Muslim-majority nations. Several countries have already taken sides but Somalia has decided to stay neutral. Senegal was first to recall its ambassador from Qatar's capital Doha. Chad and Mauritania followed suit, and over the weekend Niger announced it