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Trump issues travel ban on 7 countries ( see list )

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Orders erection of wall along US-Mexico border 

…Jude Johnson 

President Donald Trump in fulfilment of his campaign promises has issued executive orders visa freeze on six countries as well as the erection of wall along the US-Mexico border.

Trump in a following up to his tweet had on Wednesday,  unveiled his actions on border and national security.

The president posted a tweet on Tuesday evening signaling that major announcements were to come, saying: “Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow (Wenesday).Among many other things, we will build the wall!’

 The controversial American president will also sign other domestic immigration enforcement measures that will include targeting sanctuary cities that decline to prosecute undocumented aliens.He has indicated temporary ban on immigration from Muslim countries deemed a ‘threat to national security’.

He noted that the directives will also stop most refugees including those from Syria coming to America while vetting processes are reviewed.

The order however,  included  one exception with regards  religious minorities fleeing persecution – which would apply to Christians fleeing Syria and other Muslim majority countries.

Trump also listed a total the six immediate actions are as follows: Release of funds toward the construction of a wall along the southern border; Target so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities that decline to prosecute undocumented aliens; Institute a four-month freeze on admission of all refugees.

Others are Temporarily ban nationals from Muslim-majority countries that are ‘terror prone’; Halt visas to people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen; Grant exceptions to Christians and other minorities fleeing Muslim persecution

Countries affected by Visa ban:








•The ban exclude Christians and other religious minorities fleeing persecution in these majority Muslim countries 

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