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Buhari’s emergence stopped Boko Haram take-over of Presidential Villa-Garba Shehu

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…Nneoma Ndibe


The victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 elections effectively stopped Boko Haram terrorists likely seizure of Nigeria’s seat of power, said a Presidential aide.


Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Media and Publicity, Mr. Garba Shehu, stated this at the weekend during an interactive session with Nigeria students and youths organized by the Citizen Support for Good Governance in Nigeria (CSGGN) in Abuja.

Shehu said that there was high probability that the terrorists would have taken over the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, if the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had continued in power beyond 2015.

“Look at all the efforts that have been put in rolling back Boko Haram. There are many people who believe that if not for president Buhari, and if PDP had continued to rule this country in 2015, Boko Haram would have taken over Aso Rock by now,” he said.

Speaking further, he defended his boss’ slow approach to governance, saying that Buhari was not “interested in building a legacy that will disappear within a short period or attract newspaper headlines, but wants to build a country that will stand the test of time”.

Shehu however, assured that Buhari is working hard to restructure the Country and reposition the economy for better.

The Media aide described the President as a long distant runner, whose real intentions are misunderstood by Nigerians.

He stressed that no nation has ever developed when it rely solely on importation of all its needs, saying: “We have achieved so much in terms of security”.

On the war against corruption people are stealing money, huge amounts of money, the kind of money that they don’t need. What do you need that kind of money for?” he queried.


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