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Amnesty International inciting Nigerians against the military

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By Maj-Gen. Leo Irabor

I am constrained to touch on the recently released Amnesty International Report for the year 2016. The reason being that the Report made some unfortunate and unfounded claims regarding the operations in the North East. 
Whereas the contents of the report have been condemned, I wish to join to say that troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE are professional in conduct and disposition. They operate within the strict guidance of the Rules of Engagement and the Code of Conduct for troops. 
What needs to be made clear is that we have observed a consistent attack on the institutions charged with the mandate to protect the Nation against every form of insecurity.
During the trying days of this operation, Amnesty International and other agents working against our nationhood, tried fruitlessly to incite the populace against the military through various malicious publications. 
Inspite of their distractions, we forged ahead and decimated Boko Haram. We worked assiduously to improve on our Civil-Military Relations, the result of which is very manifest in the unparalleled support, accolades and encouragement we have received from the populace. 

This position seem to have disappointed the Amnesty International and their unholy allies. Regrettably, some Nigerians are being used as puppets and agents of destruction of our national security institutions. 

It is sad that when our National Security institutions are gaining traction, these agents after fabricating their reports, sit back and push Nigerians to make the Reports known to the public to give it a National Colour of some sort. 
What a case of ‘go and destroy your own house’! We must rise up and stand against this subtle and increasing level of neocolonialism. We all have a role to play in this direction. Our national institutions must be strengthened. It is our responsibility so to do. No one can love Nigeria better than Nigerians. I only ask you, the Press to ‘Shine Your Eyes’.

On that note, I urge the general public to continue to report any suspicious persons or objects to the military and other security agencies. Peace-we need, Peace-we have, Peace-we must work to sustain. 

Whilst appreciating the support and encouragement of the C-in-C, CDS, COAS and other Service Chiefs, we remain absolutely loyal and committed to the cause for which we are assigned to Operation LAFIYA DOLE. Thank you and God bless.


Maj-Gen. Irabor is the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole

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