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Ogoni women opposes “military occupation” of Ogoniland

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… Ovruaye Runa

The Ogoni women have vehemently opposed what they described as planned “military occupation” of Ogoniland in Rivers State, South-South Nigeria, under the guise of security challenges.

This position was conveyed on Thursday by the  women leader, Mrs. Leedensin Daadan, who briefed journalists in the State, the reason for their agitation.
According to Daadan, “it is shameful that the some Ogonis could think of no their alternatives to address a very simple security challenge and thought of using the military whose only pedigree in Ogoni is raping of women and gross human rights abuse.

“The army only rape women and abuse children each time they enter Ogoni. We and the children are the most vulnerable and will not accept any military occupation. We ill be willing to match against the military should any move to occupy Ogoni be contemplated”.

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She claimed that the prevailing security situation in the Niger Delta region, was directly a fallout of the last election and suggest a political solution to the problem.

The Ogoni woman leader said the situation in Ogoni had only been over-blown out of proportion maintaining that it is still possible for Ogoni leaders to explore a political solution.

Ogoniland, the hometown of late environmental activist, Ken Sero-Wiwa has subjected to years of oil exploration and exploitation that has resulted in serious pollution and hazards to the people.

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Recently, the Federal Government led by the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo launched Ogoni environmental clean up programme, which was also recommended by the United Nations Environmental Programme  (UNEP).

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