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Nigeria’s religious, ethnic diversity should not be an obstacle to gender equality- French Ambassador

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The French Ambassador to Nigeria, Denys Gauer has said that the Nigerias incredible religious and ethnic diversity should not be an obstacle to the path of gender equality across the nation.
While celebrating the international day for women, the Ambassador said “in Nigeria and other parts of the world, we know so many examples of people fighting for women’s rights towards gender equality, whatever religious or ethnic identities they are”.
He said that gender equality was part of the global development agenda included in the sustainable development goals adopted in September 2015 within the United Nations framework.
“On this day, we celebrate the achievement of women in history; we acknowledge what has been done and what needs to be done in order to ensure equal opportunities for women
“Nigeria as a leading African country has a special role to play in women’s rights.
He rallied for the passage of the Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill and its implementation, which he said would be a very good step forward in many regards.
Speaking at the event, a House of Representative member representing Urhobo Federal constituency, Mrs Evelyn Oboro stated that women had the focus and attention that was needed to take the country from where it was dwindling to where Nigerians wanted it to be. “Diverted attention leads to tension” she said, referring to the National Assembly members to fix the passage of the gender bill.
Experts at the event believed that the issues of inheritance included in the law were heavy impediments stopping the law from being passed.
They also stated that Nigeria had signed International Treaties agreeing to support gender equality and that the country should pass and implement the bill as a sign of its responsibility.

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