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TI report, a well-rehearsed agenda to derail war on terror-DHQ

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  • Debunks corruption allegations 

…Jude Johnson 


The Nigeria military has debunked damning corruption allegation levelled against the security and defence sector in the recent Transparency International (TI) report.


According to the nation’s Defence Headquarters (DHQ), the report and timing of its release is a well-rehearsed plot to derail the success achieved in ongoing war against Boko Haram terrorists in the North East of the country.


The Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. John Enenche, who briefed journalists on Thursday, in a report released in Abuja yesterday, dismissed the report accusing the top military hierarchy of compromising the Defence Procurement process in connivance with politicians.

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Enenche stressed that the Armed Forces had improved its procurement processes by establishing procurement branches for purposes of transparency.


According to him, the allegations are well rehearsed agenda to discourage international support for the military, noting that the “United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and other countries have been provided technical and other support, in the ongoing counter-insurgency war in the North East”.


He said: “Such allegation coming at the peak of consistent successes being recorded at our areas of operational engagements, the north east in particular which is obvious not only to Nigeria but the whole world. Hence this allegation must be treated with utmost suspicion.


“I suspect an agenda to discredit us. I suspect an agenda to discourage international support.”‎


The Defence Spokesperson explained that the aim of establishing procurement offices in the DHQ, Army, Navy and Air Force, was to ensure due process in award of contracts, more so that same is guided by the rules and regulations of the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP).


Enenche emphasised that “the present leadership of the Armed Forces of Nigeria has done a lot to train, boost troop’s morale and procure vital equipment through due process, for the North East operation against Boko Haram in particular and other operation.


“The DHQ have established procurement branches that are guided by rules and regulations of the Bureau for public procurement.

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He noted that the ministry of Defence deals directly with stated and government on defence equipment procurement without using contractors or vendors any longer.


On this note, he said, it is suspicious that a sweeping of corruption against the military official at this time is rather disheartening.


“More so that the Nigeria Military was on 22 March 17 credited by US as having done very well to fight insurgency and extremism among others. With advice to other countries to learn from Nigeria,” he added.




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