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Lagos State House of Assembly rises from slumber

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By Boluwatife Ishola

For the first time, the Lagos State House of Assembly seem to have woken up to her responsibilities as regards taking passionate concern about the lives of citizens in the state. For a very long time, we seem to see a house that remains docile and somehow unconnected to the people except on election eves .

The recent but consistent Ikorodu killings by a useless and animalistic group of skin flings and psychological misfits called Badoo has reached an alarming crescendo that one has started to feel that we don’t even have a government in Lagos and Nigeria as it were. This groups keep killing and killing and killing. Almost every two-two weeks, you read a sad report of Badoo breaking into a home, killing father, mother and children. The last one was barbaric. They killed the woman, her husband, two kids in Ikorodu and even used knife to remove the foetus in the woman’s womb. That is total evil.

And when Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni issued a strong warning to fraudulent DPOs the other day, he categorically mentioned the Badoo situation, urging all DPOs in Ikorodu to use their wherewithal to fish out the useless gang. I think the Badoo situation should border everyone and anybody who is interested in humanity. However, the silence of Lagos State House of Assembly members have been so terrible that you will think they never existed. I can’t imagine what it means to be in that house and lot of terrible things keep happening to Lagosians and no voice is heard from the house.

So, my joy had no bound this evening when i saw Honorable Sanai Agunbiade, majority leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly raising the issue of Badoo emphatically on a news bulleting on TVC. I could also see the speaker, trying hard to stamp authority on Agunbiade’s opinion with his crash, sorry, great English ascent. I hope they can keep the momentum.

Thank you LAHA for waking up for once!

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