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Letter to Northern Elders: South East, South-South versus North

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Dear Northern Elders,

I was shocked to read your communiqué approving the illegal Quit Notice from Northern land. You have now complicated matters – when children misbehave their adult parents don’t join; they plead with the youth to be calm. The civil war was fought long before the Rwandan genocide yet in Rwanda the scars of that war long disappeared thanks to  the principles of inclusivity; here in Nigeria the South East complains of being short changed and want exit, a good father would look into their complaint rather what we saw was further marginalization. They have no place amongst the service chiefs.

President – North

President of the Senate – North

Speaker of the House of Reps – North

Deputy President of the Senate South East they keep looking to harass him for ethnic reason.

We have had debates, regimes in, regimes out but Buhari most divisive regime. Why is PMB Bitter?


PENCOM DG SE Lady Lawyer removed before the conclusion of her term for no reason. When you shuffle positions you remove a Northerner and place him or her somewhere else but when it is South-South or South East you remove them without a substitute placement.  That is so unfair!

Now you have provoked Niger Delta children to a fight they say you must also leave their land and return their oil. You think British Prime Minister Theresa May cares about you? She is struggling with a minority government. She called a snap election under a mistaken calculation that she was going to get more seats in parliament. As it turned out she lost a whopping dozen of seats. She is trying to keep the Tories on top of things and they have no time for you; neither the EU zone battling Terrorists et al.


Let me say the Federal Government is not prepared to let Biafra or Niger Delta go without a fight and that means should Russia send fighter jets to free Biafran and Niger Deltans from your grip you are going to be abandoned. This talk that you brought groundnut resources to explore N-Delta; assuming that ludicrous claim is true have you not reaped your investments enough? International and local laws do not permit you to hold anyone in bondage in perpetuity over imaginary debt being owed you for helping with your exploitative activities.


So why don’t we strike a deal run this great nation Nigeria include everyone and treat all as equal; that is the panacea for unity peace and justice.

Thank you

Carol Ajie is a human rights and constitutional lawyer


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