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Canada commits $450M for Africa peace operations

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DAKAR, Senegal

Canada is committing CAN$450 million to support peace operations in Africa, the country’s ambassador to West Africa said Friday.

Forty percent of that fund will be spent on fighting terrorism, Lise Filiatrault said in an interview with sub regional broadcaster West Africa Democracy Radio.

Her comments came as Canada and the region marked 75 years of bilateral cooperation.

“Since 2010, we have invested CAN$39 million ($29 million) to fight terrorism, training of government experts to track illegal financial flows to stop terror financing,” she said.

Regarding Mali, Filiatrault said Canada is reengaging in peace keeping operations and soon it would announce where to invest resources and deploy forces.

The ambassador emphasized the commitment of her country’s open migrant’s policy, adding Canada has accepted about 40,000 Syrian refugees and diversity will continue.

She also reassured the sub region of Canada’s continuous support to strengthen the empowerment of women and girls.


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