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NAF recruitment not sentimental, House Sub Committee assures Nigerians

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The House Sub Committee on Air Force has assured Nigerian that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) recruitment exercise is not sentimental and open to all Nigerians who meet the requirements.

There have been claims of sentimental recruitments by different quarters on the recruitment exercise by candidates who had been disqualified from the exercise.

Speaking when he lead his team on an oversight visit to supervise the recruitment exercise, the Chairman of the committee, Honorable Golu Simon expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the exercise.

He said, “We are satisfied with what we have seen at the recruitment exercise because we have seen the rigours the officers of the NAF give themselves so that they can bring out the best brains that will serve the country.

“Sometimes when applicant are disqualified, they feel it is for one reason or the other, people begin to ascribe sentiment to it, but we are here as representatives of the people, many of our candidates could not make it here and we are happy with the procedure because they were disqualified not for any bad reason, but because they did not meet the requirements.”

He advised applicants who are disqualified not to attach sentiment and take it in good faith.

While assuring that the subcommittee support at providing everything necessary to ensure NAF succeeds added that, “Not only the NAF, but any government institution because we want agencies of government that have sensitive mandate and responsibility to take a cue from what NAF is doing.”

He added, “This is a sensitive organisation or government that has to do with protecting the territorial integrity of the nation and I am confidently telling you that regardless of the smartness of the candidates, with the kind of personnel involved in the exercise, no candidate can beat anybody here by bringing in fake certificates.”


However, the Director of Recruitment, Resettlement and Reserve, Headquarters, NAF, Air Vice Marshal Gali Abdul-Wahab said, “We have candidate who know they are not qualified but still apply to come into the service and they chock the time for more qualified candidates from their local governments.


He said, ” Many candidates brings credentials they cannot defend, you will see a candidate with chains of credit, yet basic arithmetic is a problem, some you may be surprised to know, cannot read a newspaper.


Commenting on the number of applicants, he said, “6,500 applicants have been shortlisted out of which the service is willing to recruit 2000. The reason for the number is because over the year we saw there is attrition. The difference between getting individuals and those that are going to scale through is almost at the ration of 3 to 1, that means out of three, only one scale through and that is why we decided to get 6000 so that we arrive at that number of 2000.”

He said the criteria for enlisting into the Service is that the applicant must be a Nigerian, must be within the age of 19years to 28years depending on what the applicant is applying for and have a minimum qualification of credit in mathematics and English language.




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