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Widow Esther Sues Shell For Role in Husband’s Killing

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…Babatunde Opalana 

A Nigeria widow, Esther Kiobel today sought  justice against one of the world’s biggest oil companies Shell over an alleged role played by the oil giant in the death of her husband.

Report by Amnesty International indicated that she has pursued Shell for 22 years, to hold the company accountable for colluding in her husband’s 1995 execution.

Joe Westby, Corporate Campaigner for Amnesty said “Shell has done everything it can to keep her complaints out of the public eye. But Esther won’t let them make her feel small.

“Shell’s quest for oil has devastated the once fertile land in the Niger Delta. Communities have been left destitute from decades of pollution. Oil spills have ravaged farmland and rivers, contaminating their water and putting their health at grave risk.

“In the 1990s, Shell seemingly would stop at nothing to make sure they were turning a profit. The company urged Nigeria’s military government to deal with environmental protests – knowing full well what that could mean. The military killed and tortured people in a brutal crackdown that culminated in the 1995 sham trial and hanging of nine Nigerian men, including Esther’s husband, Dr. Barinem Kiobel.

The statement indicated that losing her husband tore Esther’s world apart. Fearing for her life, she fled Nigeria with her children but she has never stopped struggling to have her husband’s name cleared.

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