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Group Queries Police, Anambra Government, Church Over Ozubulu Killings

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Babatunde Opalana 

An activists group, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, otherwise known as Intersociety Nigeria has as a matter of urgency demanded answers from the Nigeria Police, the Anambra State government and leaders of St Philips Catholic Church in Ozubulu Community, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of the state, to certain questions raised over the dastard killing of more than 12 worshippers of the church early hours of Sunday.

The group in a statement signed by; Mr. Emeka Umeagbalasi, and Ms. Chinenye Akubuilo, said it was compelled by more facts that emerged from the sad incident to have to make the demand.

Intersociety as false, account of the Anambra State Police Command which claimed that “only eight persons were killed in an attack carried out by a gunman in a shooting resulted from a drug gang war between two brothers from the same town (Ozubulu) that are living outside the country”, affirming that the said Police angle is “riddled with a litany of lies and contradictions”.

Questions posted to the Anambra State Police Command include: “What is a criminal/drug gang? Can an individual or a gunman constitute a criminal/drug gang? Who massively killed and maimed dozens of parishioners; a gunman or gunmen? Can a lone gunman embark on such assassination operation or reprisal killing? Since the State CP admitted that it was a drug gang war, are there no previous casualties and violent parties involved? How did the CP get his mangled casualty figure of eight deaths and how many were injured? What about the father of the escaped target victim? Was he not killed alongside others inside the Church or did he survive?”

The governor of Anambra State and by large, the state government were not spared in the gale of the allegation as Intersociety demanded the following question: Is the said escaped victim of the failed assassination (Mr. Aloysius Ikegwuonu/alleged drug baron) known to the Governor/Government of Anambra State? Is his source of income also known or not known to the same Governor/Government of Anambra State? Was there a time in the months past that the Governor/Government of Anambra State visited to Ozubulu to commission a road built by him? Was there also a time the same Governor/Government visited him to commission St Philip Catholic Church built by him?

“Is it known or not known to the Governor/Government of Anambra State that the troublesome/questionable billionaire flew back to South Africa last night? Have the present Governor of Anambra State not visited Ozubulu up to four times at the instance of Mr. Aloysius Ikegwuonu?

 “Was the Governor/Government of Anambra State aware or not aware of the reprisal threat by members of Mr. Ikegwuonu’s rival drug gang working for an Mbaise man from Imo State to revenge for the killing in South Africa of their members by gang members loyal to the said Bishop Ebubechukwu of Ozubulu; to the extent of vowing not to stop until they kill 200 indigenes of Ozubulu  and Bishop Ebubechukwu himself in revenge? Is it correct to say that the Governor/Government of Anambra State recently made Mr. Aloysius Ikegweonu (Bishop Ebubechukwu) a political leader in Ozubulu? Was the Government of Anambra State involved in the relocation from South Africa to Nigeria (Ozubulu) of Mr. Ikegweonu where he was alleged to have abruptly relocated a few years ago so as to escape justice?

While doubting the exoneration of the Catholic Church from culpability over the massacre at St Philips Catholic Church building at Ozubulu?, the group queried the source of fund for the church building,  and the alleged involvement of Bishop Ebubechukwu of Ozubulu, in a drug war related scandal.

“The Catholic Church of Nnewi Diocese has the following questions to answer: Who built St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa, Ozubulu? What is the builder’s source of income and is it not known to the Diocese? Is it not correct to say that the Church building in question is a house of Satan with Satanic well filled or flooded with the blood of the murdered innocent people and shepherded by the hands of iniquities? Where are the Catholic moral values and dogmas? Between Heaven and Hell Fire, who expressly receive all the prayers and offerings made inside the Church building and altar of St Philips Catholic Church at Amakwa, Ozubulu?”, the statement read. 

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