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Intersociety cautions Buhari against planned exit from 90 Intr’l organizations

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Babatunde Opalana


A civil society group, the Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law has cautioned the Buhari administration to have a rethink over the plan to exit Nigeria from 90 global organizations as it portends greater danger for the development of the nation.


Reacting to an announcement on Wednesday, 27th September 2017 by the Federal Government through its Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun of the Government’s concluded plans to exit from 90 out of 310 world organizations, Intersociety in a press statement signed by Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chair, and Ndidiamaka Bernard, Esq, Head, Int’l Justice & Human Rights Program, respectively said such decision should not be taken without depth analysis and comprehension.


The group said the consequences of what it described as militarist and panicky decision are unmitigated and far-reaching, if allowed. “This is more so when every rational indication points in the direction of sinister motives; especially considering the laughably provocative nature of the reasons given for such despicable decision”.


Intersociety warned the administration against taking the Federal Republic of Nigeria and her citizenry into international isolationism and secret State. It cited the Republic of North Korea as the most notorious country in the world with international and regional isolationism, saying, ”North Korea is also world’s most secret State; hanging only on its nuke terror power, but damagingly hit and haunted by self-imposed intractable mass poverty and triple-digit under-development and modern backwardness. Others such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and

The Socialist Republic of Cuba has recently emerged from throes of their self-imposed isolationism and attendant hash socio-economic and political consequences. Their road to hybrid recovery is still shaky and traumatic”.


The reasons were given as: “failure of the Federal Government to offset $100M (N30.5B) unpaid financial obligations to the 90 world organizations and required annual expenditure of $70M (N21.3B: using official exchange rate of N305 per $USD) for the maintenance of

Nigeria’s membership of 310 world organizations”; are watery, provocative and diplomatically and intellectually thoughtless and unscientific, the group said.


It also noted as contradictorily, the statement by Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Prof Tijani Bande in New York; same day calling for “democratization and reform of the UNSC as well as indicating strong readiness and qualification of Nigeria to represent Africa in the UNSC permanent seat”.


The group stressed that it is too late for the Buhari administration to seek for a backdoor exit channel and post-regime immunity for its regime atrocity perpetrators and accomplices by quitting 90 world’s most sensitive organizations.


“Also if by quitting those world organizations, the Buhari Administration hopes to get blanket license to further levy unprovoked and unwarranted war or unleash brazen and widespread State violence on defenseless people of Nigeria especially the Igbo People and their immediate neighbors; then it is not only a thoughtless idea but also grossly miscalculated.


“Under Chapters 5 and 7 of the United Nations’ Charter, among others; Nigeria highly risks the UNSC’s Peace Support Operations; a hybrid of military sanctions, strike, no-fly zone, peacebuilding, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations; if what we have joined informed others to think turns out to be true. Through democratic peace, such antagonistic and bloodthirsty regime penciled down by the UN and its UNSC will be ousted or flushed out. These steps are provided and enforceable; not minding whether Nigeria exits UN or 90 or the entire 310 world bodies or not.


“Where there are obvious and alarming municipal threats to international peace and security through atrocities of alarming proportions by a municipally violent independent State; capable of consuming the world or any part thereof, or leading to complex humanitarian emergencies; the UNSC shall automatically invoke it’s far reaching powers and have same brought down heavily against the errant municipal country. That is to say that there is no hiding place for any violent municipal regime and its atrocity committers and their conspirators”.


Intersociety categorically stated that by planning to quit 90 out of 310 world organizations, Nigeria will not only earn itself an international pariah status but will  further be thousands of miles away from qualification for UNSC permanent seat.


It added that the country’s recent boast of possessing intimidating qualities to occupy the plum UNSC permanent seat above the likes of South Africa and Egypt is also strongly challenged. Granted that Nigeria has a very big but balkanized and segregated population and relatively large landmass, but the two are very far away from fundamental qualities so required for UNSC permanent seat.


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