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Buhari must account for the killing of  Muslims, IDPs, IPOB members-Prof. Sulaiman

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The former Minister of National Planning, Professor Abubakar Olarenwaju Sulaiman, has alerted President Muhammadu Buhari that he would one day be required to account for what he described as “the president’s misgovernance.”

Sulaiman who is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said on Tuesday that the president must be prepared to explain himself to God for the death of hundreds of Muslims, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

He spoke in Abuja on at his formal declaration for the post of the National Publicity Secretary (NPS) of PDP.

According to him, under the All Progressive Congress (APC) government, Nigeria is at a crossroad, wallowing in corruption, inept leadership, strife and economic hardship.

He said: “Today, Nigeria is at a crossroad. Less than three years after the exit of our great party (PDP) from the government, our country bleeds profusely from corruption, inept leadership, civil strives and economic hardship.

“The state of insecurity is quite alarming. The number of casualties arising from the menace of kidnapping, terrorism, herdsmen genocide and other forms of state-sponsored terrorism is very disturbing.

“Poverty is now more evident in most families and homes across the country by the Buhari government is the corruption of the mind.

“When a leader’s mind is corrupt nothing good can come out of it. As a spiritual being, there is no gainsaying that we will be judged someday by our creator and so I urge president Mohammed Buhari to prepare to face Allah SWT on his style of governance that has emboldened selective justice by shielding the Babachirs, the Barus, the Jaffars, the Kyaris and many other corrupt cases of his beloved appointees in the last two years.

“Our president should also be ready to account for the blood of 400 innocent Shiite Muslims massacred in Zaria, that of the lDP refugees, the massacre of IPOB members and other state-sponsored attacks.

“Mr President must be prepared to account for the deep hatred he has shown towards certain ethnic groups, which is evident in the lopsided appointments and recruitments carried out by his administration against such ethnic groups in the country.

“I want to say with all sense of responsibility that these actions are neither Islamic nor do they portray the virtue of a good Islamic leader.

“It is abundantly clear that hypocrisy and double standards are the hallmarks of this administration and the game of the day.

“It is against this backdrop, therefore, that the PDP as a matter of exigencies needs to rise up to the call, to salvage the country through vibrant opposition party and the needed advocacy.”

Prof. Sulaiman observed that the task ahead of PDP as a party in opposition, “is not for an apprentice or an underdog,” noting that engaging on issues of governance with a party like the APC “which is characterised by political intimidation, despotism and a shallow respect for the rule of law can be very daunting.”

Credits| Blueprint, NE

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