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Police recover parts of stolen jewellery at paris ritz

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French police have recovered some of the jewels worth over 4.0 million euros looted from the Ritz hotel in central Paris, the AFP has reported.

The news agency also said the police were still hunting for two robbers who escaped from the scene.

The gang burst into the five-star hotel on the French capital’s glitzy Place Vendome through a rear staff entrance on Wednesday evening and smashed the display windows of jewellery shops on the ground floor.

Three men were arrested as they tried to flee by the way they came in with bags of gems and watches.

But they came up against locked doors. “Obviously there is a security system and an alarm in this type of establishment,” a police source said.

Part of the loot was recovered after being scattered about during the arrest of the three suspects, while more jewels and watches were found in a bag dropped by one of the two robbers who got away, another source added, without being able to give an estimate for the value of the goods retrieved.

The three men arrested , are said  to be from the Seine-Saint-Denis area north of Paris, and are “well known the police for armed robbery, violence and receiving stolen goods”, a source close to the inquiry said.

A police team in charge of patrolling the square — home to some of Paris’s top jewellers and watchmakers, as well as the justice ministry — was quickly on the scene.

Place Vendome has been the scene of several daring jewellery heists in recent years. Security in the neighbourhood was beefed up in 2014 but robbers have continued to strike.


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