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Armed Forces Remembrance Day: ‘We Are Soldiers…’

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We are Soldiers, We fight to create peace, We speak to give silence, We train to get fit, We kill to live, we live to kill, Confidence and respect is not sold in the World Trade Centre, it’s earn by we. Who else could challenge in the face of death if not we, We do not see death as threat, it’s an obstacle we’ll cross so as to be a valiant compatriot whose name will never be washed away in the face of a million flood.
Our home is away, our dull is the gun. What else could be so exciting than to defend your Fatherland. Though it seems we have no future, but it’s sure we give future, Not only that, but also hope. We suppress those who oppress, to impress the depressed.
Field we sleep, sea we sail, sky we fly, To tread on the wings of the octopus and give peace to our people. We will fight till we die, sail till we sink, fly till we crash to restore anomie to normality. Three in one, we stand as one, and together; we shall build a great nation! God bless the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Airforce.
Happy Armed Forces Remembrance Day to friends & comrades.

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