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Op-ed: How Western Saints Created, Worsened Trump’s “Shithole”

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By Olusegun Philips-Alonge
The United States  President Donald J. Trump recently reminded the hut-dwelling citizens of certain African and other majority black shithole countries in the Western hemisphere of the need to tremble in awe of his saintly nation. Unfortunately, his desecration of Africans and black people as undesirable sub-humans who pollutes the sanctity of his Klanish Western paradise is not new. It is what has informed the world polity about Africa and black people from time immemorial. It is the bedrock of slavery and the ongoing maltreatment of people of African descent in the Western nations.
While the alleged derogatory remarks by Trump are bad and scandalous, it is not half as disgusting as the response of the irresponsible and hapless African leaders. We need not resort to history to remember how the west created the so-called shit holes during their inhumane colonial and slavery rampage. What is sad and unbearable is the fact that today’s African leaders are still helping the West expand and worsen the “shitholes”.
Many thanks to President Trump for being frank about what the West believe and practice in disguise with a fairy smile. The outcry against the alleged derogation is not because the people disagree with Trump or truly think the remarks are wrong. The disagreement is about Trump’s perceived lack of discretion and his inability to show restraint
Their outcry is not a show of anger that President Trump is neither a pretender nor an apologist, but an objection to his rude realism and his boldface exposure of their true hidden nature. As far as I am concerned, derogatory remarks like “Shithole countries” is the least surprising utterance expected of a gutter throated and Potty mouthed President of the United States who just happened to be elected to do the worst of the shitty pretend job on earth.
However, this is not to call Trump a bad person. Just because someone is gracious and say the right placating words does not remotely suggest empathy or imply good character. Conversely, being foul-mouthed is not the same as racism or evil intent. As an African who has lived mostly in the West for an extended period of time, Trump is my fair and average Western experience. The point simply is that none of the people now deriding Trump is a saint, and none of them is any better than he is. In case you still think this is just an isolated event, a quick review of recent world polity and Western narratives about the same nations and people affected by Trump’s recent derogatory remarks paints an unmistakable pattern.
Not long ago, the duplicity of the West was in full display, their view of the nations now derided by Trump was orchestrated and published without restraint. First, the West described Boko Haram as a rebel with a just cause to achieve a predetermined end knowing fully well that Boko Haram was the most deadly and senseless terror organization the world has ever seen. The journalist at Western news outlets subscribed wholly to and published the impossible Western prescription of Africans as miserable HIV infected people who dwell in unhygienic foxholes and survives on less than one dollar a day without any sorts as if it is the gospel truth. If this is not enough, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s gleeful “we came, we saw, he died” comment is the classic example of how the West created the “shitholes” now derided by Trump.
A word of advice for the headless African leaders. Instead of asking an impenitent blowhard for an apology, look in the mirror and change your senseless prodigal ways. The unflattering comments should motivate the greedy and despotic African leaders to stop collaborating with the Westerners to loot Africa’s wealth. The leaders should take Trump’s derision as a challenge to create the opportunities and the framework to help young Africans remain and find relevance and success in their place of birth. Perhaps, the African leaders may need to learn and start applying the principles of self-sustenance instead of continuously panhandling the enemy for help and waiting endlessly for the Western free bus that will never come.

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