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Security: eBooks, Special Reports on military, wafare

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Cyber Warfare

This book looks at the Pentagon’s cutting-edge cyber tools and capabilities for defending and attacking networks in the age of the zero day. It also explores how new tactics and hacks are changing defense for leaders and even soldiers in conflict zones.

The Future of the Army

From nascent tactics addressing cyber operations to research into drones and even weapons that will alter their behaviors to match the mental and physical states of the troops who wield them, the future of the Army will reflect an ever-increasing reliance on and exploitation of data and information.

Lessons from the Russian Front

This eBook takes a look at Russia’s new ways of war with the hope that it can help next-generation military leaders understand and deter a rising new threat to Western peace and security.

Beyond GPS

In the era of cyberwar, the vulnerabilities of the Pentagon’s Global Positioning System are everyone’s problem. That’s why the U.S. military is working to upgrade, harden, and augment its navigation-and-timing backbone.


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