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CASA calls for non-partial intervention in Nigeria’s security situation

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Babatunde Abiodun 

An Houston-Texas based association, the Council for African Security Affairs (CASA) has expressed concern over the current security situation and incessant killing suspected to have been carried out by the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria and submitted that concerning Nigeria deserves urgent non-partial intervention by the government.

The association in a press release was worried that every Nigerian is living in the state of hopelessness, fear, and insecurity under the current arrangement and there is a need for rejuvenation. CASA said the consequences of treating this issue with kids gloves potent dangers for Nigeria and West Africa sub-region.

“The wanton killing of citizens by the so call Fulanis’ herdsmen is unacceptable and should be condemned. We call on the United States government, European Union and the relevant organs of the United Nations to intervene in the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria. CASA is currently working with relevant non-governmental organizations in Nigeria to support the peace process”.

However, CASA is furious with the way the government of Nigeria is pointing fingers to the wrong direction despite the public admittance by the Meyeti Allah Fulani group who carried out the murderous attack on the innocent people of Benue State Nigeria.

CASA, therefore, said “ It is disheartening that under the watch of President Buhari, the Fulani were encouraged to carry mass murdered without anyone been arrested for the heinous act. Innocent Children, pregnant women, young people, and students were murdered in their homes. Such action by the Fulanis is a crime against humanity, and President Buhari should show leadership by taking responsibility instead of blaming it on imaginary ISIS”

It supported the position of former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the need for urgent intervention to direct Nigeria on the right path to attain her greatness. Nigerians are more divided today than it was two years back.

The body charged the government that provision of adequate security is “the hallmark of good governance where every Nigerian sleeps in his/her house with all eyes close without fear of being kidnapped or murdered. CASA promised to work with all peace-loving Nigerians to advocate for equal opportunities for all Citizens irrespective of their ethics and religious leanings”.

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