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Hezbollah calls for resistance against US troops in Iraq

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  • Accuse Americans of sabotage

Babatunde Abiodun 

The Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah Al-Nojabaa: Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi has called for armed resistance and immediate vacation of the United States troops from the border between Iraq and Syria.

He said recent happenings in al-Baghdadi district of Al- Anbar province, is a new evidence of the continuation for systematic and serial barbaric sabotage of US forces which existed on the bordering areas between Iraq and Syria.

He accused the American soldiers of targeting Iraqi forces from time to time to facilitate the movements of ISIS fighters, which had not been helpful to Iraq and its people.

“We just saw their presence as a source of destruction and sabotage and a support for terrorism and the enemies of Iraq, and these imperialist forces will not stop unless by expelling them completely from Iraq and stopping them from stealing and draining our country’s economic capabilities, military, and security and even politics.

“The existence of the US forces in Iraq after its liberation from terrorism is unjustified, neither legally nor legitimately and nationally, and we will consider them an occupying force if they didn’t leave.”

He therefore called on the Iraqi national political forces to take a position and a quick decision to end the US presence in Iraq.


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