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Zamfara killings and Gov Yari’s gross display of ineptitude

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By Adekunle Adeniyi

The increasing height of insensitivity on the part of our sitting governor’s is rather unbecoming and worrisome as seen in the case of Governor Yari of Zamfara state.

Over 40 souls where lost in the state barely 48 hours ago and in the over 34 hours of the gruesome incident the governor was not on ground to be with the people of his state who had to deal with this huge loss but rather the governor was seen junketering in Abuja at the nation’s seat of power staying put and in that same period making a trip to Daura for the Presidents meeting with governor’s of the party he represents.

One begins to ask if a meeting with the President was much more important than a state governor being on ground to mourn with the people of his state giving them a sense of belonging and assurance?

Shouldn’t he have been on ground to receive the Federal government led delegation sent to the state by the same President he was meeting to access the situation on ground in the state? Only to later come out and blame security agencies for their failure to act after being informed before hand.

Yes we agree the security agencies might have failed in their responsibilities, does that also mean the governor shouldn’t care enough about the people of his state to be on ground to console them as well? This is where one agrees with Senator Shehu Sani when he says “governor’s should be banned from visiting Aso Villa”. Nigerian governor’s would rather prefer to be at Aso Rock rather than take charge of responsibilities in their states.

How many times do the over 52 governors in the United States visit the white house except when invited to? Isn’t it a shame that we so much claim to practice the kind of governance structure seen in the United States, but fail to act the same way their leaders act, in the wake of crisis looking most recently at the Florida shootings in the course of the week.

It took the governor not less than an hour two to respond to the shootings in the state and almost within that same duration in the day the President of the United States also addressed the nation and the people of the state. That is the most powerful country in the world displaying a sense of sympathy to it’s citizens, why don’t we and when would we have leaders that show a sense of sympathy to the plight of its citizens?

This gross display of ineptitude by our elected officials should not be allowed to hold sway any longer. It is to the detriment of Nigerians at large and needs to be checked mate.

Adeniyi is an Abuja based Journalist

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