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Dapchi girls: ‘We must do more against terrorism’, Yushau Shuaib urges fellow Muslims

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Jude Johnson

The award winning Public Relations and Crisis Communications expert, Mr. Yushau Shuib has urged people of Muslim faith to do more to stem the tide of terrorism.

This is coming against the backdrop of recent abduction of over 100 students of the Government Girls Secondary Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, Yobe State by suspected Boko Haram terrorists barely four years after similar incident at Chibok in Borno State, North East Nigeria.

Shuaib on Sunday expressed the view that Muslims have the moral obligation do rise up against terrorists who use the name of Islam to commit attrocities.

“Islam condemns ignorance, inaction and terrorism. Muslims should do more against Boko Haram terrorists who claim to be Muslims but terrorise Muslims and Non-Muslims. At least 90% of abducted Dapchi school girls are Muslims,” Yushau said.

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