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Nigeria’s maritime environment getting more dangerous-Naval Chief Ibas

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Counter-terrorism chief Yem Musa promoted to a 2-star General

Jude Johnson

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas, has warned that the Nigeria’s maritime environment is getting more dangerous as the 2019 general elections gets closer.

To this end, Ibas charged the Nigerian security agencies and personnel to double up their efforts to maintain and sustain security across the country, especially within the nation’s coastal areas.

He gave this charge on Thursday (March 29, 2018) during decoration of the Coordinator Counter Terrorism Centre (CTC), Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), YEM Musa with the rank of Rear Admiral at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja.

The CNS who was supported by the National Security Adviser (NSA), Maj-Gen. Babagana Monguno (rtd), commended Musa for his outstanding contribution to the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the country.

Ibas also expressed delight for having the NSA at the Naval Headquarters to witness the decoration of the newly promoted senior officer.

He added that since Rear Admiral Musa was posted to the ONSA, the Senior Officer has brought to bear innovative and robust strategies that the National Security Adviser had acknowledged and other members of the security community.

The CNS further expressed happiness for the elevation of the Coordinator, Counter Terrorism Centre to the enviable position of Rear Admiral in the Nigerian Navy.

He stressed that the Nigerian Navy is expected to benefit more from his elevated position as his wealth of experience is expected to trickle down to the ranks and file in the Naval Corps.

“I think with the present rank now, Rear Admiral Musa can see that we have a wider horizon and if it requires telescope, we will perhaps give him so that he can help us overcome the security challenges we have in the maritime sector,” he said.

Ibas remarkes that as a two Star General, he could relate well with his colleagues in all parts of the world.

The Naval Chief once again explained that the Nigeria Maritime environment is not getting any safer, especially with the upcoming social-political activities that are taking off, but the Nigerian Navy is expected to benefit more with the elevation of Rear Admiral Musa.

“Our maritime environment is not getting any safer, especially with the upcoming social-political activities that are taking off, I think we will benefit now that you have been elevated and I want to thank the NSA for being here with us,” he said.

The newly decorated Rear Admiral Yem Musa flanked by the CNS Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas and NSA,Maj-Gen. Babagana Monguno (rtd) at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja on March 29, 2018
Rear Admiral Yem Musa with Defence Correspondents at ONSA
Rear Admiral Yem Musa flanked by family members as well as CNS Ibas and NSA Monguno after decoration ceremony at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja on March 29,2018

Also speaking, Monguno said the Nigerian Navy was a fantastic service, stating that he has never had any issue with any of the Officers from the Nigerian Navy serving at the ONSA, either in terms of competence or character.

“For the Nigerian Navy, I can tell you that your trajectory in your career may be designed deliberately to produce very good officers and the best normally emerged at the top,” he said.

The NSA explained further that the decorated officer has done quite a lot in manning the CTC-ONSA, adding that within a short period of time, he has launched about four National Action plans on Counter Terrorism, as well as Preventing and Countering Violent extremism, among others.

He urged Rear Admiral Musa to justify the promotion, “You will really have to serve as a trailblazer, as an example to those who are behind you, so that they will also redouble their enterprise and be a source of pride for the Nigerian Navy,”  NSA said.

Monguno further stressed that the ONSA was not oblivious of the effort of the Nigerian Navy, stating his office will continue to protect the integrity of the Nigeria Navy as an institution.

He equally reaffirmed the determination of his Office to enhance the productivity and capability of the Nigerian Navy.

He said: “We cannot think of the efforts of the Nigerian Navy without support from other services especially from the Central Government, the maritime Challenges we have are enormous.

“One of the reasons I insisted on having the Gulf of Guinea summit in Abuja was because, we really pressed for Nigeria to take over the Chairmanship of the Gulf of Guinea being the only blue water Navy in the whole of the Gulf of Guinea, and knowing fully well the antecedents of the Nigerian Navy and so many situations, I just thought that it would also be an added platform for the Nigerian Navy to show what it can do.”

While assuring the CNS of the corporation of ONSA to sustain National Security, the NSA expressed optimism that Rear Admiral Musa would be a pointer to his colleagues from other services, and also work together to achieve greater heights.

Appreciating God for his elevation to the enviable rank of Rear Admiral, Musa expressed gratitude to President Muhammed Buhari, to have found him worthy of being promoted to the position of Rear Admiral.

He also appreciated the National Security Adviser for his exemplary leadership, inspiration, mentorship and fatherly support in the course of his career and actualisation of the enviable position.

He thanked the Chief of Naval Staff for his committed leadership to the Nigerian Navy and the opportunity given him to serve the nation in the position of Rear Admiral.

The decorated senior officer reaffirmed his commitment and dedication to serve the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as to redouble his efforts towards whatever he has been doing for the country.

Meanwhile, the Principal General Staff Officer (PGSO), ONSA, Maj-Gen. Adeyinka Famadewa was also promoted to the rank of Major General.

Famadewa stated that it was a privilege to have attained this level in the Armed Forces.

“So it is a privilege not a right. we thank the President, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for finding us worthy, we thank our Service Chiefs and, of course, our direct boss, the National Security Adviser.

“We believe that with this new rank, there will be more responsibilities. It means, we will expect to give more to the generality of the Armed forces, and of course our great country Nigeria,” the PGSO said.

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