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Boko Haram kills 9 in Niger

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Diffa City, south east Niger suffered several attacks believed to be carried out by Boko Haram Terrorists on Monday night, leaving 9 people dead.

According to local officials on the spot, the tragedy was perpetrated by at least three suicide bombers who blew themselves up late at night in three different locations in downtown Diffa.

The attacks came after a relative lull in the region, thanks in particular to the large-scale operations undertaken for over a year by a mixed multinational force composed of the armies of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria, against the terrorist group Boko Haram.

The localities of the Diffa region, especially those bordering Nigeria, have been suffering repeated attacks by the Nigeria-based terrorist group.

The areas where the explosion occurred are cordoned off by security forces and the region has been under a state of emergency since February 2015 .

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