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Why we burnt Israel, America’s flag-Shi’ites

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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Sunday said it set the flags of Israel and the United States of America ablaze to communicate to the two nations that, as a sect, it condemns their continued oppression of the Palestinians.

Speaking on the motives behind the burning of the flags, the representation and symbols of Israel and America; the Secretary, Academic Forum of IMN, Abdullahi Musa, explained that the repressive actions of the two nations toward Palestine over the years, and more recently, during the relocation of America’s Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem which resulted in no fewer than 90 deaths of unarmed civilians, leave sour taste in the mouth. He said.

“America is the first country to move its capital from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in order to provide support to Israel in its plot to take over and occupy Jerusalem which is the ancestral homeland of the Palestinians.

“But unarmed Palestinians protested the take over of their land by the Jews, leading to the death of about 90 people, and over 200 others injure by gun bullets. “We see such oppressions as tyranny by Israel with the support of America.”

He added that the solidarity protest for Palestine, which held every last Friday in the Islamic month of Ramadan, was a regular ceremony for the sect.

“The last Friday in the month of Ramadan was declared as a day of solidarity for Palestine by the late Ayatollah Abdullahi Khomeini; calling on all sympathizers to show support for the oppressed Palestinians.

“Because the call was against tyranny and oppression which are human tendencies the IMN is also against, we decided to heed the call. The protest held in over 24 cities in Nigeria and across the globe including Israel and America.

“We burnt the national flag of Israel to show the Jews that we are totally against what they are doing to the Palestinians.

“Americans are complicit in the killings in Jerusalem and the demolition of properties owned by Palestinians in order to pave way for Jewish occupation.”

In his contribution, Sheikh Abdulhamid Zaria said: “For the Zionists, Palestinian lives have no value. They are able to get away, literally with murder because western regimes, especially the US, support them.

“Zionist Israel is an illegitimate entity; it has stolen the land of the Palestinians for settlement by illegal squatters from Europe, Russia and North America.”


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