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Buhari’s government lacks coordination – R-APC

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The Reformed All Progressives Congress, R-APC has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo lacked coordination in handling issues.

The R-APC, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Kassim Afegbua, referenced the issue of the herdsmen and  restructuring.

It said that Buhari and Osinbajo held different opinions on the subject.

“There is no synergy. There is no coordination on any issue. You have about three or four opinions from the same government; that is not the way to lead.

“When the Fulani herdsmen issue came up in Benue State, the Inspector General of Police came up with a different position; the Minister of Defence gave a different position; and the Presidency is giving a different position.”

“As we speak, the APC has jettisoned its own manifesto. Where is the restructuring we promised Nigerians? They hurriedly came up with a committee headed by Governor (Nasir ) el-Rufai; where has that landed us?

“The Vice-President is a supporter of restructuring. The President of the country is not a supporter of restructuring in the same government.

The National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, had in an interview with journalists, claimed that the R-APC members were mercenaries hired to destabilise the APC.

Reacting to this, Afegbua said they were genuine members of the party interested in retrieving the party from usurpers.

Afegbua, added, “Adams Oshiomhole needs to take a look at our past. We do not possess the characteristics of hirelings or mercenaries.

“We are bona fide members of the APC . When it is convenient for people, they dress you in very elegant robes but when they are losing the battle, they call you names, but we will not call them names, we will continue to insist that we are going to rescue the APC and reposition it for optimum performance.

“We cannot be preaching to be progressives when we are law-breakers. We cannot be preaching that we are progressives when we are a party that has performed abysmally low in all sectors of the economy.”

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