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NPS condemns 2,478 prison inmates to death

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At least 2,478 prison inmates out of 73,530 inmates in various  prisons under the purview of the Nigerian Prison Service, (NPS) are currently awaiting execution across prison formations in the country.

NPS public relations officer, Enobre Francis who revealed that figure in Abuja said that the statistics oscillates owing to additional convictions or acquittals.

He said:” The entire Prison population is 73,530. Sometimes it goes higher than that, for the condemned inmates we have 2,478. Total Persons awaiting trial is 50,193. We have 1,471 female inmates” he stated.

Meanwhile, Enobore denied knowledge that some Organizations often mobilise funds to further the course if inmates’ educational needs.

“Those assisting already are not doing in conjunction with the prisons. If there is any of such thing it is limited to the prison formation, it’s not a uniform approach, whoever is doing it us doing it to cover their own jurisdiction. We may not be aware they are mobilizing  funds”. He said.

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