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Northsidekingz to represent Nigeria at 2018 K-Pop festival in Korea

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Wins 2018 K-Pop dance competition

Godsgift Onyedinefu

The ‘Northsidekingz’ dance group from Kano have emerged overall winner in the 7th Korean Pop (K-POP) dance competition with automatic qualification to represent Nigeria in the 2018 K-PopWorld festival in South Korea.

This year’s competition finale was held in Abuja with the winner claiming the new grand price of N500, 000 against N300,00 in past competitions.

Group photo of the 7th K-Pop Dance Nigeria winners with Ambassador Lee In-tae

The Korean Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Lee In-tae, said that the group have qualified for the preliminary rounds to represent Nigeria at the K-Pop World Festival in Korea alongside ‘Classic Royals’ dance group from Port Harcourt who won second place clinging 300, 000 reward.

In-tae noted that Nigeria is blessed with abundant talents. Read also: K-Pop Dance Strengthens Nigeria- Korea Relationship –Ambassador

He said: ” I am happy that K-POP competition is providing a platform to promote creativity and entertainment, enabling Nigerian youths showcase their talents, improve their skills and prepare for future challenges and success.

“This year’s competition witnessed a record submission of entries by professional crews and 30 crews initially contesting for a place in today’s final. The price money for the winner in the professional category is now half a million naira while 300,000 is now the prize for the winner in the School category.”

2nd Place 2018 K-Pop Adult Dance Group Winner Classic Royals

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Last year’s event was won by the ‘Fragiles dance crew’ who represented Nigeria in the 2017 K-POP world festival in Korea with commendable impact.

But this year ’s edition of the K – POP competition saw seven dance groups competing in the adult category and six others in the students category, cash rewards was also increased.

The dance group ,’ Julimore’ won the students category with a cash reward of N300,000; while the ‘K-PODIANS boys’ and ‘K-PODIANS girls’ won first and second runner up with a cash prize of N200,000 and N100,000 respectively.

Other contestants in the students category includes; K-Stromers girls, JSS Zuba and G.S.S.

The 2018 K-Pop Dance Competition Nigeria winner, Northsidekingz performing at the grand finale in Abuja

In the same vein, the adult category had; ‘Classic Royals’, ‘I am fly’ , ‘octupus’ all from port Harcourt, ‘Dance X intl’ from Calabar, ‘ ‘Northsidekingz’ (winner) from Kano, ‘j race’ from Jos and ‘The elites’ from Enugu who came third with N100,000 reward.

Classic Royals Dance Crew thrilling the audience at the 7th K-Pop Dance Competition Nigeria finale in Abuja

K-POP dance competition is an annual dance competition where dance teams from across the country are free to participate. It aims to promote understanding and strengthen bilateral relations between Nigeria and Korea through cultural exchanges.

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