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Boko haram: over 30,000 IDPs refuse to return home

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While some Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the northern Nigeria have returned to their villages, thousands still choose to remain in camps despite assurance from security forces.

Army major General, Muhammad, Muhammad speaking to Al-Jazeera on Saturday promised to guarantee their protection as long as they were willing to go back to their localities.

However, some 30,000 displaced person fear it’s still unsafe, they say they will rather remain in camp than risk facing boko haram attack.

They also worry whether or not they will continue to receive help in the camp.

Boko haram insurgency has led to the brutal death of thousands, destruction of villages with thousands displaced. For some villages, the road to recovery has been smooth while others have remained in ruins

Displaced Persons who have  returned home met nothing but ruins and are forced to start from the scratch.


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