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French embassy holds seminar to solve farmer-herder conflict

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

The French embassy in Nigeria in collaboration with the Pastoral Reserve (PARE) is organizing a seminar to identify the root causes and proffer solutions to end the conflicts between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria.

The embassy made the  announcement in a statement by its spokesperson Ellien helois on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the seminar which will hold on the 18th of September in Kaduna will consist of lectures and discussions to address the knowledge gap in the study of pastoralism in Nigeria.

The statement read “A knowledge gap in the study of pastoralism in Nigeria has already been identified, thus the aim of
the lecture is to explore the knowledge that is currently available on the subject, specifically in the 3 following areas: Ethnographic, Scientific, and policy.

The statement noted that the subject of pastoralism and agriculture is a sensitive but very important economic activities in Nigeria which necessitates the need to understand how each one works within the society.

The statement therefore explained that the lectures will focus on the varieties of Fulani pastoralism and present recent research findings from fieldwork carried out within nomadic and semi-nomadic Fulani communities in different states of central and northern Nigeria in August and September 2018.

The statement read “The seminar that will follow will aim to build on the lecture and encourage discussion on the ways that the knowledge base can be grown and updated in the three areas mentioned.

“This will in turn help to improve
policy making targeted at pastoralism. An output will then be put forward following the event either in the form of a policy paper or a summary with recommendations.”

The statement further informed that Dr. Adam Higazi, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Amsterdam and Dr. Adam Higazi who is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Anthropology,
University of Amsterdam and at the Federal University in Yola will deliver lectures at the seminar.

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