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2019: Christians to Kick against money bags, aspirants with nepotic traits- Clergy

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Godsgift Onyedinefu 


The General Overseer of Charismatic Renewal Ministries of Nigeria, Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu, has warned that Christians will kick against party candidates that have sectional tendencies or using money to influence voters in the 2019 general elections.

Ilechukwu who doubles as National Coordinator of “The Change We Need Nigeria Initiative (TCNNI)  told his congregation in Abuja on Sunday that  Christians are quietly mobilizing across the country,  to vote against any of the political aspirants who show traits of nepotism, including those who will use financial inducements to buy votes in the forthcoming general elections.

He also said Christian bodies would not align with any political party or aspirants who fail to define their political ideologies, especially those that would have far reaching impact on the citizenries.

According to him, the apathy against sugar coated politicians has become necessary owing to systemic failures in all ramification of the Nigerian society.

The National Coordinator of TCNNI said  peace is  also sacrosanct in next year’s general elections adding that where majority of the populace are hungry and angry peace becomes elusive.

He said:  “We will only cast our votes for that good leader who love Nigeria, patriotic Nigerians who will build a Nigeria for all Nigerians to emerge, somebody who can manage our economy, somebody that has a compassion to manage our diversity.

“One that is not nepotic in his dispositions, somebody that would embrace all and have a handshake across tribes and religions,that is the kind of person we are looking for in 2019.

“It is my ardent prayer that God will help us achieve that so that peace will reign in this country.”

“Our political system is in disarray, is there anywhere we don’t have problem in Nigeria? Look at our educational systems, look at our schools, you can graduate in Nigerian universities without writing any exams, teachers are demoralized, libraries and laboratory are empty, there are no accommodation for the students, no bursary to assist them things are really hard , so we need prayers to get things right in this country.

“To start with, we should start drilling these politicians on their ideological foundations, it’s not just anybody who has money because you can bribe more people you will become our President, Senator or Governor.

“Anybody who get into power by bribing people is going there to steal our money, so we are going to insists that they have to face us with their ideological underpinning, with their economic blueprint, how they want to turn the economy of this country around. They must face us, they have to talk to us, they must explain how they would do it and if they don’t convince us, we should be able to get them out,” Ilechukwu told the congregation.

The Clergy  opined that the impunity which characterized recent gubernatorial election in Osun state will not repeat itself in 2019, adding that such irregularities brews crisis in a sane society.

“Our leaders must make our votes count because it’s so demoralizing that you will go and vote, everybody knows who we all voted for and when the election results are out somebody that was not voted for will become the successful person, it won’t happen in 2019, unless they are looking for war in this country,” he said.

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