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Peter Obi is a nationalist, never demolished mosques–Northern Police Chiefs

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Jude Johnson 

Three former Commissioners of Police (CPs) in Anambra State during the tenure of Peter Obi as governor, have described him as a nationalist who accommodated all Nigerians.

The mostly Police Chiefs of northern extraction, also  exonerated him from the mischievous allegation of the demolition of mosques and the sacking of non-indigenes, particularly northerners from the State being propagated by the opposition against him on social media.

Speaking on different occasions on the subject-matter, they were unanimous in rating Obi as a fair, humane and detribalised Nigerian, whose passion as the governor was for the good of all within his jurisdiction.

Dismissing the news of demolition of mosques as a lie and propaganda obviously planted by the opposition to discredit the Atiku/Obi Presidential ticket, they called on all well-meaning Nigerians, including northern youths to disregard the news as fake, urging them to always try as much as possible to verify news before believing them.

The formers CPs in Anambra State – Gwary Usman, Amusa Bello and Philemon Leha – who retired in higher ranks, expressed concern over the spate of fake news, especially on social media, targeted at impugning the integrity of credible Nigerians, Incidentally, the three gentlemen are all northerners and served during Peter Obi’s eight years.

Amusa Bello, who was CP in Anambra State from 2006 to 2010, described the allegation as laughable at best and a figment of the author’s imagination.

He also advised rumour mongers and purveyors of falsehood to desist from such acts and support whom God anointed to showcase what modern politics, leadership and management should represent.

He observed that it was unthinkable for anyone to associate Peter Obi with violence or rascality as Obinever demolished any mosque nor asked anyone, aside from criminals and kidnappers, to leave the state.

In his words: “I call on those behind this rumour to desist from that and look for fact. They should stop this ‘pull him down syndrome’ that will never take them anywhere good.

Peter Obi has a lot of credentials and several attributes that favour him in his aspiration. He dresses simple and all that. Let them look for fact. He has emerged VP candidate to Atiku; it’s God that ordained him. Let them support him”.

Similarly, retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, Philemon Leha asserted that the Peter Obi he worked with could not have and did not demolish mosques nor asked non-indigenes to leave the state.

Visibly upset by the spurious allegation against Peter Obi, he said: “I am from the North and I know what I am saying. Northerners are among the people holding the economy of Anambra State and in what circumstances could a governor has sacked them?

Numbering millions, they are practically everywhere in the state, including Awka, Amansea, Onitsha, Nnewi and many other towns and communities.

Let Nigerians be assured that the allegation is a lie. Anybody spreading that kind of rumour is not being fair to the man and that is not the way to go for our national development”.

Gwary Usman, who retired as an AIG described the allegation as “false and wicked.”

In his words: “It is not true, the allegation is false and. I was in the state as CP and I was better placed to know the truth. Throughout the time I was in Anambra, nothing like that ever happened.”

Surprised at the gullibility of the people, he submitted: “Peter Obi you see is a nice gentleman. I can vouch for him. He is a detribalised citizen.

I can tell you authoritatively that even if I wake of from slumber and you ask me this question, I will tell you that Obi did not and can never hate any northerner. I am surprised that our people are being deceived.”

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