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Remembrance Day: School pupils honour fallen soldiers at post-WW1 centenary

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Commend servicemen’s sacrifice for world’s peace

Godsgift Onyedinefu

Hundreds of Pupils of the Abuja Preparatory School, gathered on Friday in honour of soldiers in Nigeria, United Kingdom (UK), United States and around the world for the sacrifices they paid for peace since the First World War.

This was the school’s first remembrance day ceremony.

The maiden ceremony marks the 100th anniversary of World War 1, also known as the Great War and the war to end all Wars, which began in 1914 and ended with an armistice at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918.

Abuja Preparatory School at WW1 Remembrance Day

Speaking at the event, the Headmaster, Abuja Preparatory School, Mr. Akif Naqvi, said that the essence of the ceremony, which had in attendance Nigerian, British and American soldiers was to let the students know the sacrifices made by the military, and honour those who have fallen or wounded in the battle to bring peace to the world.

“As an International school it is important that our students know the sacrifices made by the British and Nigerian military to bring peace to the world.

“It has deep personal meaning to me, as my grandfather served in the British Indian Army in Burma and my brother-in-law died fighting in Afghanistan,” Akif said.

He also informed that the school council launched a Poppy Appeal, raising N200,000 from donations and contributions.

He said the students, parents and staff of the school contributed towards the Poppy Appeal and raised N100,000, while anonymous donor graciously added N100,000 so the total raised came to N200,000.

In memory of fallen heroes at 100 anniversary of WW1

The donation was given to Staff Sergeant (Rtd) Usman and Corporal Peter who lost his legs during active service, while some of this amount will be donated to The Royal British Legion UK.

Part of activities which marked the ceremony was a minute silence held in remembrance of fallen soldiers who have made sacrifices in current and past conflicts to bring peace and poem presentations by the pupils and a Eulogy read in tribute to the first African royal pilot, Lt Adeniyi Peter Emmanuel Thomas (1914 – 1945) and his Gallant Colleagues by Mr. Dele Thomas

Also speaking, Wing commander Phil Wilkinson of the British Millitary Advisory and Training team, lamented that the war saw the death of over 20 million people with 20 million more wounded.

According to Wilkinson, young men put their lives on the line to bring an end to the war, hence: “Today we remember those who died in battle not just for only first or second world war but in every conflict, we Remember those who were honoured for their bravery, we celebrate their achievements and Victory.”

Speaking to a Nigerian soldier who lost his legs in battle, Corporal Monday Peter, said the ceremony meant so much to him as he expressed gratitude to God for his life and opportunity to serve Nigeria.

He however urged young aspiring soldiers not to be discouraged, but see it a safe service to the nation.

A parent, Mrs. Nkechi Abodu, said the event was significant as it exposes the children to what soldiers go through and highlights the negative effects of war.

Abodu while noting the risk and sacrifices paid by soldiers therefore urged the Nigeria millitary to improve on the welfare of her Armed forces.

” I really feel a lot of pity for them because they give a lot, they require a lot, the country should do better to take care of them” she said.

Abuja Preparatory School is a Cambridge International School with over 362 pupils. Apart from the host country Nigeria, the student population spans across Columbia, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, UK, USA and Ukraine.

The remembrance day ceremony holds across the world November 11 of every year, while Nigeria marks her Armed Forces Remembrance Day on January 15.

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