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UN lifts sanctions on Eritrea after nine years

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The United Nations (UN) has lifted its sanctions on Eritrea, nine years after they were imposed.

This decision was reached on during a meeting of the UN Security Council which follows a rapprochement between Eritrea and neighbouring Ethiopia in recent months.

In 2009, the UN imposed a nationwide arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze on certain people and entities after accusing Eritrea of supporting armed groups in Somalia.

Eritrea has denied those allegations.

Earlier this year, Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a peace deal following a decades-long dispute.

Following that peace agreement, Eritrea asked the UN to lifts its sanctions, pointing to the region’s diplomatic shifts.

The conflict started in the early 1990s, when Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia, after which a war broke out later that decade over border disputes.

A 2002 UN-backed boundary demarcation was meant to settle the dispute for good, but Ethiopia refused to abide by it.

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