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Nigeria at risk of humanitarian disaster in 2019 — Report

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) reports that Nigeria is among the top ten  countries most at risk of being hit by humanitarian catastrophe in 2009.

Nigeria is at the seventh spot While  Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan tops 10 list.

Other at-risk countries identified IRC’s emergency response experts are Afghanistan, Venezuela. the Central African Republic, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia and So alia.

Al-Jazeera reports that  2019 is set to be another arduous year for millions of people around the world, as wars, famines and other disasters loom over several countries.

The risks are both human (armed conflicts or economic collapse) as well as natural (droughts, floods and other climate-related events).

Internal or external displacement is the defining trend in the IRC list. Around 40 million people have been displaced across the world, with the top 10 countries accounting for over half – or nearly 22 million – of those displacements.

The 10 countries also account for at least 13 million refugees, 65 percent of the global total, plus an additional three million people who have fled Venezuela.

According to the United Nations, nearly 132 million people in 42 countries around the world will need humanitarian assistance, including protection, in 2019

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