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Borno State PDP faction rejects guber, legislative candidates 

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Mukaila Ola

A faction of Peoples Democratic Party (P‎DP), on Thursday rejected Mohammed Imam and other candidates of the party recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

 The faction, which is recognized by recent court judgments also threatened to take Mohammed Imam and company to court for contempt of the court for continuously parading themselves as candidates of the PDP.

 Addressing a press conference in Maiduguri, the faction led by it’s chairman, Usman Badeiri said the continued presentation or parade of Alhaji Mohammed Imam for governorship, three senatorial candidates, Mohammed Abba-Aji, Isa Lawan and Kudla Satumari amongst other candidates produced by another faction of the party in the state was illegal.

 Badeiri, while describing himself as the valid chairman of the PDP in Borno State, announced the rejection of candidates produced by Zanna Gaddama Mustapha’s led faction of the party.

He explained that whereas judgments by the federal high court and the appeal court recognizing him as validly elected chairman of the PDP in Borno State are yet to be vacated by any court, a group he described as new entrants into the PDP went ahead to conduct “illegal primaries” that produced Mohammed Imam, Abba Aji, Isa Lawan and other candidates.

 He noted that just has it happened in 2015, an appeal court currently hearing a case filed by his faction, will eventually sack the candidates because the same appeal court recognized him as valid State chairman of the PDP.

 He said: “You (journalists) are aware that some illegally constituted persons, led by one of our new entrants with the name, Zanna Gaddama Mustapha, have been parading themselves as state executives of the PDP in Borno State.

 “These group of factional leaders went as far as producing some of their fellow new entrants, as candidates of the PDP in Borno State for the February and March 2019 governorship, senate, House of Representatives and state assembly elections. We will like to state for the record that genuine members of the PDP in Borno State irrevocably reject these fake candidates.

 “We reject the so called governorship candidate, Alhaji Mohammed Imam. We reject the so called senatorial candidates for the three senatorial zones made up of Isa Lawan Kangar for Borno north, Senator Mohammed Abba Aji for Borno central and Haske Kudla for southern Borno.

“We also reject all so called candidates for the house of Representatives namely Abdulsalam Mala Kachallah for MMC, Bukar Shuwa for Jere and all other candidates for the reps and state assembly illegally being paraded by the group of fake executives, led by Zanna Gaddama Mustapha.

 “Apart from very few, majority of these so called candidates were not known to us in the PDP. They are people who have been rejected in their party but crossed over to our PDP, imposed themselves as leaders for the sake of causing confusion and their personal benefits. We know that genuine members of the PDP in Borno State will never support these candidates. They are tenants who are imposing themselves as landlords. This is unacceptable” Baderi said.

 He recalled that on 11th of November, 2017, the PDP in Borno State had conducted it’s congress which produced him (Usman Mahdi Badeiri) as chairman. “However, some desperate persons  went to Gombe town in Gombe State and conducted an illegal congress that produced in their own view, Alhaji Zanna Gaddama Mustapha  as winner”

Baderi noted that he went to court and got judgment invalidating Gaddama.

 “I went to the Federal High Court Maiduguri, where I filed a suit challenging the election in Gombe, with suit No. FHC/MG/CS/76/2017 which judgement was delivered on 4th July, 2018, where the court declared me Usman Mahdi Badeiri and 3 ORS as validly elected chairman  from the congress conducted on 11th November 2017. Despite the court’s judgment in my favour, desperate group of persons refused to obey the order of court as law abiding citizens ought to do. They continued to parade themselves as state executives of the PDP in Borno State.

 “ We are aware that they are in connivance with a few number of persons at the PDP national Headquarters, jointly acting in  disobedience to a subsisting court order.

 “You will also recall that Alhaji Zanna Gaddama Mustapha had gone to court to challenge my validity as chairman of the PDP in Borno. However, on 26th of September, 2018, the Federal High Court sitting in Maiduguri struck out a stay of execution filed by Zanna Gaddama Mustapha. Gaddama went on appeal. However, on 6th November of 2018, the court of Appeal in Jos Judicial Division also struck out a motion for stay of execution filed by Zanna Gaddama Mustapha with Appeal No. CA/J/317/2018. ‎No court of competent jurisdiction has made a single  pronouncement against the validity of my election and none of the judgements in my favour have been vacated by any court.”

He alleged that despite the existence of substing court orders,  Alhaji Zanna Gaddama Mustapha and his co- imposter went ahead to conduct so called primary elections which produced fake candidates. Gaddama has continued to issue press statements in the name of the PDP. All his activities are illegal in the eyes of the law”.

The factional chairman said his faction has gone to the court of Appeal challenging the validity of Mohammed Imam, Senator Mohammed Abba Aji and others he called “fake candidates”.

 “As  you should be aware, we recently went to court challenging the validity of candidates produced by Zanna Gaddama Mustapha. The Federal High Court Maiduguri has set aside our position in a judgement delivered on 12th of Department, 2018 suit No. FHC/MG/52/2018.  What happened is the only setback that is temporary. We have filed an appeal against that judgment and this time, we are very optimistic that the appeal court will uphold stamp it’s authority on our valid position.

“The reason is because the court of Appeal having declared me as valid chairman of the PDP in Borno State cannot accept candidates produced by illegally constituted state executives of the PDP in Borno State.  Ladies and gentlemen, you were witnesses to what happened to the PDP in 2015 in which the same court processes ended up delivering judgment against Alhaji Mohammed Imam.

 “However, by the time we got the judgement in favour the time was late. The PDP did not have sufficient time to campaign.  In view of our previous experience, I am calling on our law abiding members to begin underground campaign for Alhaji Mohammed Wakil for the Governorship. They should begin campaign for Bukar Kachallah as Senator for Borno Central, Mohammed Ali for Borno north, Barrister Hon Ngadda for Borno south and all our lawful candidates of the house of reps and state assemblies” Baderi noted.

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