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2019 Budget:  Buhari’s govt principled after ‘Idi Amin Economy’ of 70’s–CUPP

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Says budget huge in volume, empty in substance 

•Commends lawmakers for booing President’s ‘lies’

Jude Johnson 

The opposition coalition, CUPP has styled President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2019 budget to that of the late Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin’s 1970s projection, which it said is “huge in volume but empty in substance”.



CUPP stated that  after thorough analysis of both the Budget speech by President Buhari and the breakdown by the Minister of Finance,  Mrs. Zainab Ahmed,  has come to the conclusion that the budget is filled with unrealistic projections and disjointed projects lacking in touch with needs of Nigerian people. 


The 1st National Spokesperson of CUPP, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, in a statement on Saturday, said the budget is replete with economic  projections that will not lift our people out of poverty.

 According to Ugochinyere, the ‘Idi Amin’ lookalikes budgdet from beginning was dead on arrival with same government embarking on actions not even in his budget speech or proposal estimates. 

Hard as it may be for the people,  he said, it must be said that the 2019 budget is the foundation for the final crash of the economy.


Part of the statement reads: “The government is running Idi Amin economics where by he destroys investors confidence, makes extra budgetary expenses, lacks a central efficient economic team, uses government institution to attack and destroy business interests of opponents, allows incompetent people to man major strategic economic positions, allows looting by supporters. The government then turns back to predict an economic growth by sharing food at food centres and money inside markets like Prof. Osinbajo is currently doing with the inevitable consequences of the complete collapse of the Ugandan economy.  So the Buhari regime has reverted to Idi Amin economic strategy which is always the last resort of incompetent dictators to walk the short lived popular road in an attempt to revive the economy that they destroyed by their many years of incompetence and ineffectual policies.


“The Opposition did not just boo the President, but corrected him when he lied severally, including lying about the Bonny bridge in Rivers State and the Dam in Delta State. The act by the lawmakers was a heroic thing to do by calling him to order not to use the hallowed Chambers of the peoples parliament to continue to propagate the APC 3 years of lies, propaganda and deceit. Some APC lawmakers and hordes of sycophants who the President came to the chambers with applauded him when he successfully took a sip from his glass of water. This they did because it had been a long time they saw the President successfully do anything. Further the attempt by these sycophants to cover the empty budget speech and incompetence of the President was further exposed during the budget speech by chanting market square songs which led to the final confusion that ended a presentation that was lacking in substance and vision. Lawmakers are hereby urged to kindly do their best for the sake of Nigerians to give vision to the visionless budget of Buhari by amending the proposals and making it implementable.”


“The CUPP categorically condemns the tax increment proposal by the government as evil, an expression of lack of understanding of how to solve the revenue problem and plan to make the people suffer for their incompetence. Businesses are collapsing, wages are not being paid production targets are not met, yet government want to increase taxes.


“How this government still talks about shortage of funds is astonishing when the same government talks about the huge revenue figures they claimed they raised from crude oil sales, FIRS, Customs, EFCC recovery, TSA savings, Stamp Duty, JAMB, NPA, NIMASA, plugging of loopholes etc which total over N20trillion. This  nullifies their arguments on the need to borrow or raise taxes unless the figures by the government are fake.”


The CUPP Spokesperson stressed that one does not need to be a cerebral economist to see and correctly predict an uncertain future for the country if the President is not stopped democratically at the ballot.

He warned that the poverty level will so spread that the poor will cause unrest in a bid to survive, addinf that “the economy will dance a final death dance because the President’s incompetence can only increase and worsen if he continues to stay in power”.



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