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Kogi state and the vain battle of the executive

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Aremu Wahab

I keep wondering if there is one person with balls still standing as a legal adviser to this Governor of Kogi state. How did we get here? They either have failed to identify their boundary or saw the boundary clearly but could not make any sense of it. For the first time, the executive arm could not make any meaning of the principles of separation of power. For the first time, the executive knows no reason behind the Judicial service commission, its constitution and why most member  of the JSC were appointed by the executive.

For the very first time the executive has betrayed lack of knowledge of the rationale behind subvention being given to judiciary instead of payment of salaries as is usual with ministries, and since they lack this very important knowledge, they would naturally be bereft of the weight, the implication and purport of section 121 (3) of the 1999 constitution as amended and why the word SHALL was used in that provision. The word SHALL used therein is deliberate in furtherance of the principles of separation of powers. The sane, proper, layman or legal interpretation of that section means monies meant for judiciary MUST be released to heads of courts without any string tied to it.

Now, withholding funds meant for judiciary under the unreasonable pretext that the purported kangaroo pay parade and or table payment must first be made is without doubt an affront on the spirit of the provision of our constitution and where the management of kogi state judiciary or JUSUN allows it for any reason, it amount to concession, subscription and abetment of the daylight rape of the constitution. May God for any reason forbid it.
While addressing the Hon members of the house, the Governor seem to have disclosed how wrong the judiciary was and were in this crises. His position seem rational and reasonable but only to a layman. He seem to suggest that the judiciary has some skeleton in her cupboard by her refusal to concede to his strange and ill-informed request for table payment.

The position and outburst of the Governor is only begging the question and also meant to incite the legislatives and especially the impoverished and starving staff of the judiciary against the Honourable Chief Judge and the JUSUN Exco.

The Legislatives I may not know, however for the staff of judiciary, this cheap trick is dead on arrival. Staff of kogi state judiciary are men and women of honour and integrity who are well informed and aware of their rights, and no matter how hard the pain inflicted, they shall look up and ask “is that all you have got?”

It has now gone public that the effort of the kogi elders forum towards settling this crises has failed. This is largely because the only question whether or not the Governor has the right he claims to have is never dealth with. I expect the executive after Thursday to become tempted to be brutal and embark on unconstitutionality. As they plan such, they better know that judiciary is one and impenetrable, the cradle of discipline, and no matter how hard they try, they will fail to achieve their purpose which am sure is to take over the control of judiciary and make it a stooge of the executive. This clash as I see it is all about why is the judiciary different? Why must the judiciary remain what it is? Its a senseless fight triggered by ego.

If the executive is of the view that Judiciary has skeleton in her cupboard, there are countless ways to go about it apart from withholding salaries of judges and staff who has served and carried out their duties diligently, on some unimaginable reason. For those in doubt, ur doubts better be put to rest as Judiciary can never be such a place where salary scam exist. That is the reason why the management as a matter of routine had carried out staff audit periodically. Now, for those standing on the fence, this is not the time for such. The Hon Chief Judge as you may know is not just a man of honour and integrity but a man of justice. Not the kind of justice of the political parlance. In this case, he serves not only our collective interest alone but the interest of the law he swore to uphold.

To my dear brothers and sisters of kogi state judiciary, know it now that tough times never last, but tough people do. Expect more pains and be ready to bear it. Source for fund in any legitimate place possible for as long as this Governor ties judiciary fund to some strange table payment, that is how long you will be forced to bear the pain. However, be assured now than ever that light comes at the end of the tunnel no matter how long it takes.

The judiciary in River state under the then Gov Amaechi suffered more  horrific humiliation though in a different circumstance and history today is kind to them. If you are a staff of kogi state judiciary and you are reading this piece, it means you are alife and has celebrated the Christmas. Congratulations. The Lord that brought you this far will take you to the end of this crises and you shall excel beyond all the imaginations of your enemy. Shalom.

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