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The 2018 Brookings brief year in review

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Before you ring in the New Year, join us for a special look back at some of the defining policy stories of 2018. In the weeks ahead, stay tuned for our experts’ predictions of the issues and challenges that will shape 2019. 
Our greatest hits: To celebrate the end of a memorable year, we produced a special video looking back on some of the year’s biggest moments at Brookings—from notable guest speakers to expert takes on breaking news. For more of our top content from 2018, catch up on our most-watched videos, our best infographics, and a special, year-end episode of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast

The top stories in international affairs: From North Korea to Saudi Arabia and beyond, 2018 was a dramatic year in world affairs. Review what Brookings experts had to say about some of the major developments in foreign policy, and catch up on top Brookings research on other global issues, including migration, climate change, trade, and more.

US and global education trends: Whether it was Betsy DeVos’s deregulatory efforts or Michelle Obama’s new Global Girls Alliance, education issues frequently made headlines in 2018. Rebecca Winthrop reflects on the year’s key developments and research in global education, while the Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard recaps the top storylines from U.S. education policy.

Facts about the middle class and the economy in 2018: Earlier this year, we were proud to launch the Future of the Middle Class Initiative and dig into the major challenges facing this group of Americans and policy ideas to address them. Explore some of the project’s most popular research here.  For more policy analyses on the biggest problems facing American society and the economy, the Hamilton Project at Brookings has highlighted one chart from each of the last 12 months on policy issues like immigration, income inequality, social safety nets, and more.

A big year for technology policy: From Europe’s new digital privacy rules to social media data breaches, read what our experts had to say about the year’s biggest technology stories in this year-end review from the Brookings TechTank blog

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