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Abuja school commences skills training for pupils

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

The Abuja preparatory School has began training of it’s pupils on different economically viable skills as part of efforts in preparing them to become independent citizens.

The school headmaster, Mr. Akif Naqvi made this known on Friday during the 5th year Anniversary Celebration of the school.

He informed that the pupils are currently being taught to acquire agricultural skills and will soon start training them on construction skills.

Naqvi while regretting that Nigerians despite their intelligence, do not have the opportunity to maximize it, said the training will empower the children on modern skills to reach their potentials.

Naqvi informed also that the school also intends to focus and copy the ideas of the Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme and bring down to the pupils.

He said, “I realized that there is great potential in Nigerian people, God has given them an intelligent mind, unfortunately they have less opportunity. When Nigerians go to western countries they perform really well. The highest educated ethnic minority in America are Nigerians.

“That’s why we have to prepare our young children to grow up and have the necessary skills to be independent citizens of this country.

“The biggest target of our school is to empower our children to learn 21st century skills. We have started we farming in our school. We have a vegetable farm, where children grow maize, pumpkin, we also have animals, they look after animals.

“We aim to take our older children to different construction sites.”

“What Nigeria Government does through the NYSC programme t empower the youth of this country, we would like to focus aand copy those ideas and bring it down to school children.” He said

As the school celebrates five years of existence, Naqvi remarked that the school has grown immensely. Numerically, he said the school which started with only seven pupils now has over 300 pupils.

“Today is abuja preps 5th anniversary, and it’s exactly a year when I joined this School, so the journey began with only seven children, Abuja preparatory school has grown since then.

“Last time this year, we had almost 322 children, since then the number has increased, and today we have 360 children in the school.” He informed.

Naqvi anchored the success of the school on the ability for all staff member to work together as a strong and responsible team. According to him it has been the school’s biggest achievement.

Also speaking, Edoro Abebe, one of the parent of a pioneer pupil said her exlectations from the schol has been met.
She said her children have improved academically and socially.

“My children are more outspoken, more confident and can research themselves, they have improved academically and socially, terms of interaction with other children, I have seen improvement.” She said.

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