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Group decries continuous violence, crises in Nigeria’s elections

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

A Working Group On Women, Youth Peace and Security in West Africa and the sahel,
(WGWYPS -WAS) has regretted that Nigeria’s elections has continued to be marred by violence and crises with inadequate commitment to resolving the issue.

The group said it observed that an analyses of the issues regarding violence in elections have been done severally but there has been inadequate commitment of resources to addressing the issues during the 4 year election cycle by relevant stakeholders.

The group in a communique signed by its Country Representative, Lydia Umar, Co-Country Representative Eleanor Nwadinobi and Communique chair Nathaniel Awuapila, and issued at the end of its one-day meeting held in Abuja urged political actors to adapt zero tolerance for election violence.

“Politicians should get their supporters to understand that politics is not a do or die affair and adopt zero tolerance to electoral violence, after elections there is still life to live.

“Candidates who win at the elections should be magnanimous in victory and those who lose should seek redress from legally constituted authorities.” The communique read.

According to the communique, the meeting witnessed the launch of a campaign tagged #Workingroupng4peace to enhance the conduct of peaceful elections, strengthen the capacity of members.

The group therefore urged development partners to support the Campaign and collaborate with it ahead of the State elections and the 2023 General Elections.

Further, the group observed that issues of women and youth including the need for their full participation in formal and informal peace processes have continued to receive inadequate attention, while Knowledge of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 and related Resolutions has remained low in the country.

“The need for inclusion and support for the rights of women, children, the aged, young persons, men and persons living with disability has continued to receive inadequate attention.”

To this end, the group urged Government to step up action to support the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP)2 of the UNSCR 1325 and related Resolutions.

Yje group also resolved to contribute to the dissemination of the Nigerian National Action Plan (NAP)2 on the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 (2017 – 2020) and advocate for the inclusion and support for the rights of women, children, the aged, young persons, men and persons living with disability

On election violence, the group resolved to Engage in strategic sensitization of Nigerians on the need for peaceful elections, democratic transition and the prevention of hate speech in the country and advocate for the promotion of peace during election throughout the 4 year election cycle.

The meeting was attended by development partners including UN Women, ECOWAS Commission, and members of the Working Group from the 14 States and Abuja who have been involved in the promotion of peace over the 5 general elections conducted in Nigeria.

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