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France hosts biggest French dinner in Nigeria

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

The French Embassy in Nigeria, on Thursday held a grand french dinner for 100 people as part of activities to celebrate the 2019 International Francophone Week.

The French Ambassador to Nigeria, Jérôme Pasquier, speaking at the event in Abuja, said that the dinner was organised to commemorate the Goût de France /Good France in Nigeria and promote French gastronomy.

He said: “We are hosting this big dinner for 100 people who answered questions on the internet. The idea is to promote French gastronomy. It is unique for those in Abuja and also good for us to have this type of event designed for meeting people.”

The Ambassador explained that the dinner was hitherto organized only for very Important Personalities but this year’s was designed to have more Nigerians from different origins and personalities.

He also informed that the recipe for the dinner was derived for Provence, which is in Southern France and prepared by six Nigerian Chefs.

“Tonight we are concentrating on recipes from Provence which is south of France, very nice region and I hope this regiion will be well known in Nigeria after this event.

“Usually it was only small diner with Very Important Personalities, but this year we preferred to have anyone who could answer the questions on the Internet.

” So we have many Nigerians from different origins, different regions, type of personality. we have also six Nigeria chef preparing this French dinner and that’s very good, because the French cuisine is not only for French cooks.”

Furthermore, the Ambassador said France is seeking to expand its bilateral relations with Nigeria not only in Gastronomy but in all fields.

Pasquier said, “we want to have more relations in all the field, we want more Nigerian students to come in to France, more corperation between scientist in France and Nigeria, more business activities, more French investors in Nigeria, more developement project, more corperation in cinema, more relations in all field.

He also noted that having more Nigerians speak French would help to strengthen the bilateral relationship between both countries.

According to the Ambassador, it would also foster good relationship betwen Nigeria the French speaking countries it shares boundaries with.

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