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[Position Paper] Protectionism?: Trade Policy Options and Way Forward

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Nigeria alongside India and China are expected to account for 35% of projected world population by 2030. With a population of over 200.96 million, Nigeria is expected to be the world’s third most populous country by the year 2050. This is arguably a massive market for economic trade–Nextier Development Discourse

Across the world, trade policy debates have assumed the rhetoric of low-intensity warfare. Countries such as the United States and China are embroiled in skirmishes that have pivoted towards protectionism. Notwithstanding, there are many informed voices that are opposed to protectionism; and as many who are in support. Nigeria is not left out of this polemic. It is obvious even to the casual observer that our industries as a whole have not been able to compete with cheaper imports.

This edition of Nextier Development Discourse examined protectionism and reviewed Nigeria’s trade policies and potential way forward.


Credits| Nextier SPD

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