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Over 43 percent of Nigerian children engaged in child labour–ILO

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•Local authorities to help evolve polices that address issue of child labor in country

Jude Johnson

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has said that at least 43 percent of Nigerian children are trapped in various forced labour in parts of the country.

The Country Head of ILO, Mr. Dennis Zulu, disclosed this on Friday, and regretted that child-labour was still widely encouraged in Nigeria despite being signatory to international conventions banning it.

Zulu said the children as young as 5-10 years are being used as labor mostly in private establishments and homes.

“This is contrary to the fact that Nigeria is signatory to and has ratified or domesticated conventions that ban child labor,” he said, calling on local authorities to help evolve policies that address the menace, including human trafficking and slave worker.

“We are optimistic that our effective and efficient approach of the project result will contribute to the reduction of child exploitation in the artisanal mines and global supply chain,” Zulu added.

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