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‘Nigerian Air War In Sierra Leone’–A must read

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Editor’s note: Global Sentinel wants to encourage readers to get a copy of this well researched and detailed book on the Nigerian war efforts. We proudly associate ourselves with the central message of this book, which is to help ensure that lessons from the successful prosecution of wars in Sierra Leone is applied to the ongoing counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations against Boko Haram terrorists and other clandestine groups across Nigeria.

More importantly, the book is an eye opener on the dangers and prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among our troops and veterans. The book helps to draw attention to the PTSD and we commend the ongoing efforts of Green Heroes Foundation (GHF) an NGO dedicated to providing care and support to our war veterans and the Retired Army, Navy and Air force Officers Association (RANAO); under the auspices of the Nigerian Legion, to further create awareness on the causes of PTSD, the symptoms, the effects on soldiers, their families and the larger society and provide early warnings on the probable consequences..

Book review

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A dull mind gets bored easily, but a curious mind expands forever, to me, the book is a three-tier woven craft of missive guidance, suspense and entertainment. It is a book worth keeping and I feel the airstreams of a ground breaking movie blowing our way from it.

The book is truly a crafty creation that carries the attractive promise of giving back to the society. Culled from the temple of the author’s mind, it is a carefully sorted out and detailed documentation of war experiences as seen by the author as a combat pilot during the Sierra Leonean conflict. The book was written to serve as a precedent enabling doors of understanding to be flung open to any armed personnel or military commander(S) within the Armed Forces of Nigeria who wish to add to their knowledge of combat if winning is the target when prosecuting any war.

The book stands in the foreground as it looks at the conduct of the operation in the North Eastern part of Nigeria today, and how errors and misdemeanors that occurred in the past war campaigns are still erupting today which from the author’s point of view should have been abolished and corrective measures put in place.

According to the author:
“Joint operations or joint warfare is Team Warfare. The synergy that results from the integration and synchronization of Service components capabilities under a single Joint Force Commander (JFC) often maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the force”

The use of different illustrations is equally unique while there is consistency in the author’s style of writing throughout the book. For example, actionable recommendations were offered at the end of each chapter. Bolden words were also used to emphasize certain sentences

Table of contents

• Introduction

• Reward for humility

• Deployment of Alpha jets in support of Republic of Sierra –Leone Military Forces

• Back to Freetown (1997-98)

• Recapture of the Nigerian Embassy, the Sierra-Leone Parliament Building and State House

• Denying the lines of communications

• Rescue of own troops at Rogberi Junction

• Rescue of own troops along Freetown-Konnor Highway

• Search and rescue of own troops at BO

• The capture of RUF Helicopters

• An uncommon encounter with a former adversary

• General Sani Abacha and I

• Myths and facts about the military

• Travails of a soldier

•Lessons of the Air War in Sierra-Leone

• Principles of war applied or misapplied

I wish I could tell you the particular scope of the book because the book isn’t just shot towards the Armed Forces of Nigeria to serve as guideline; it goes in to appeal to the senses of the civil society. The author expanded in full canvas, the painted portrait of appreciation of the contributions of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to the United Nations, African Union and ECOWAS towards Peace Keeping and Peace Enforcement campaigns which not much folks know about.

The accuracy of the author’s content lay in the fact that he not only showed intellectual mastery, he also brought crystal enumeration of the air aspect of the war in Sierra-Leone from 1995-1998.

Through the archived history of submissions, no one has ever been able to reel in vivid details of air combat the way the author did and so he becomes the first writer to do this in Nigeria. The author showed his mastery of words and first hand facts when he dabbled into being the Bruce Lee of ink as he employed literary elements by the usage of the frozen nature of suspense and pure fascination to spellbind the reader’s interest in the book when he sat and drank with a so-called enemy in the steams of the conflict. He extended his scope further by subtly standing on a berm and looking into the serious aspects like the dent caused by war through Post- Traumatic Stress Disorders ( PTSD) As offense and crime walk hand-in-hand so is war and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

The central idea of the book is summarized in the author’s expectations of who a military leader should be and the attributes he must acquire before and during combat. The need for synergy among security Agencies during operations, the need for adequate preparation, planning and proper coordination between elements involved in an operation are keys to success in battles.

Furthermore, the need for more intelligence gathering and timely dissemination among security operatives would surely ensure speedy conclusion of hostilities. Finally, efforts are required in the areas of welfare packages for deployed troops to sustain their fighting spirits and recognition of good deeds while at the front to sustain morale.

The resolve of the Author in writing this book is highly commendable.

Unquestionably, this book would be very useful to readers on kinetic and non-kinetic approaches to tackling security challenges in Nigeria. Furthermore, Nigerians should be delighted to know that we have over the years been contributing immensely towards world peace and stability.

Note: To support, purchase and contact the author call +2348033849024. For donations and support the activities of GHF towards PTSD: Green Heroes Foundation, UBA: 1020724327

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