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DSS condemns call for violent revolution, change of government 

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Reads riot act to dissidents

Miracle Enobhayisobo

The Department of State Services (DSS) had condemned the reported unwholesome activities of a group under the auspices of Nigeria Continuity and Progress (NCP), which called for a revolution and forceful change of government in the country.


The Public Relations Officer of DSS, Mr. Peter Afunanya, in a statement revealed this today in a statement, adding that, “the Service is aware that the group is working in tandem with a body of subversive agents and adversaries of the Nigerian State.”

According to him, “the aim is to create an atmosphere of insecurity and use same to cause disaffection among the people.”


“It is evident that the misguided group and its cohorts have also planned to instigate widespread violence against the government in order to actualise their infamous agenda of forceful change of regime,” he disclosed.

This latest call by the DSS is coming barely a week after the Nigerian raised the alarm about entrenched local interests and foreign backers trying to scuttle Nigeria’s democracy as well as the May 29, 2019 inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari for his second term.

In the same vein, the Chief of Army Staff on Wednesday singled out opposition politicians for scolding accusing them of being responsible for the spike in insecurity in the country.


The DSS Spokesperson said the warning was line with the Service’s mandate of ensuring the internal security of Nigeria, “it will stop at nothing to achieve this.”


To this end, he said “the Service will continue to work with other sister agencies and stakeholders to ensure that every segment of the populace pursues their legitimate aspirations in an environment that is devoid of fear or hinderance.”


Afunanya noted that, “the DSS not only supports the consolidation of democracy in Nigeria, but will leave no stone unturned in rooting out persons or groups desirous of truncating the process or undermining the country’s peace and corporate existence.”


Therefore, he stated, “the Service will not condone any form of extra-judicial activities or methods designed or adopted by persons or groups to subvert constituted authorities.”


“Aggrieved politicians are enjoined, for the umpteenth time, to desist, forthwith, from plans to take laws into their hands or engage in acts capable of breaching the peace,” he stated


Adding that, “Instructively, defaulting persons will surely be brought to book.”

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