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Dasuki: US arrests citizen over illegal arms deal with Nigeria  

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Jude Johnson

The United States  government has arrested a Californian man over illegally brokering the sale of military-grade weapons to the Nigerian government under the former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd).

Ara Dolarian, 58, was arrested last week in the central California city of Fresno for arms deal he brokered during the time of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

The Nigerian government had in 2014/2015 resorted to purchasing arms to prosecute war against Boko Haram terrorists through the black market after the former US President Barack Obama’s administration imposed arms embargo on the country under the guise of Leahy Law.

The US attorney’s office said Monday Dolarian had accepted more than $8 million for brokering a deal to sell bombs, rockets and guns from Eastern Europe and South Africa to Abuja.

Prosecutors said Dolarian’s Fresno-based arms brokering company was not authorized to make international deals.

The Fresno Bee newspaper reports his business neighbors thought he was importing and exporting tea.

Dolarian is also accused of money laundering and could face 20 years in prison if he is convicted.

Dolarian, who now lives in Bulgaria, was arrested at the Fresno home of his mother.

Credits| VOA

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