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Corruption allegations rock NAN as former MD, Staff Union battle for control

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•Union warns against eminent collapse of the news agency

•Bayo Onanuga demands apology, N100m damages

Jude Johnson

All is not well with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) as corruption allegations and leadership supremacy have unsettled flow of administration within the Agency.

Trouble started when the four labour unions in NAN met on May 24, 2019, to review the tenure of the immediate past Managing Director, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, after notifying the Staff that his tenure has expired pending possible reappointment by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Union went further with an assessment and verdict that he is incompetent in managing the affairs of the agency in the last three years, while calling on the Federal Government probe the Agency within the period under review.

In the circular obtained by Global Sentinel and signed by the Assistant Director, Human Resources on behalf of the MD/CEO, the Union notified “All members of staff nationwide expiration of Managing Directors tenure Acting appointment”, directing the Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Idris Abdulrahman to take charge.

“This is to inform all members of staff that the Managing Director’s tenure expires on Friday, May 24, 2019. The Editor-In-Chief-Mr. Idris Abdulrahman is hereby appointed as Acting Managing Director with effect from Monday, May 27, 2019”.

But there was more dramatic twist on May 27, 2019 when the embattled Onanuga in a counter circular to all staff entitled ‘I am Back’, stated: “This is to inform all staff and Management that I have returned to office. I shall remain in charge of the agency until the Federal Government and President Muhammadu Buhari, my employers rule otherwise. My tenure remains intact. I ask for the cooperation of all staff. Thank you. Bayo Onanuga Managing Director/CEO”.

Prior to this, the Staff Union had written a protest letter to the Minister of Information and Culture, describing the ex-NAN Managing Director as the “worst and most corrupt manager in the history of the agency”.

The unions notified the Minister with regrets, allegations of massive diversion of government revenue that is being siphoned through the NAN Bizcom which had a separate account aside the approved TSA, and converted to personal use by the MD and his cronies.

To this end, they called on the ICPC and EFCC to swing into action and probe all the transactions of NAN Bizcom account in the last three years.

In the letter signed by Messrs Haruna Suleiman, Collins Yakubu Hammer and Ogechi J. James, the Staff Unions outlined some of the illegal transactions and maladministration allegedly committed by Onanuga:

•Illegal payment of his SA, Mr Mohammed Momoh, who is a retired officer, through the IPPIS.

•Diversion of some revenue to NAN Bizcom account instead of TSA and thereafter converted same to personal use.

•Selling of official vehicles to himself and loyal management staff through a dubious auction process that grossly violated FGN Financial Rules.

•Using consultants to intimidate any officer perceived to be against his policy through promotion Exam

•Inability to provide or pay rents of several state offices, including Port Harcourt Zonal Office, Lafia, Yenagoa, Birnin Kebbi and Jalingo, despite the revenue of more than Four Hundred Million Naira (N400m) IGR accrued to the Agency and the Three Hundred and Twenty-One Million Naira (N321M) bail out approved and released to the Agency by President Muhammadu Buhari.

•Unilateral dismissal of staff and suspensions without salary contrary to civil service rules and regulations.

•We challenge ICPC & EFCC to probe the two NAN Bizcom Accounts used in diverting government revenue: 1 Access Bank 0016628258 and Zenith Bank Account 1012782058.

•Embezzlement: NAN was supposed to celebrate its 40th anniversary in October 2018, corporate organisations like NNPC and Dangote Company among others donated monies to the Agency for the celebration. Onanuga sacked the committee and its Chairman and failed to account for the millions raised by the committee.

•NAN slammed with N500m law suit as a result of libellous report he published as NAN MD against the former NEMA boss, whereas he has sacked two reports for filing fake reports without following due process. The case is also in court.

“While thanking Mr President for his support to the Agency in the last four years, we wish to state that, we will not hesitate to shut down the activities in the Agency nationwide through massive “PROTEST’’ should Bayo Onanuga be re-appointed,” the letter concluded.

Enraged by the allegations, he sees as libellous, Onanuga through his solicitors, Umudjoro and Co. Owhe Chambers, demanded for an apology and damages in the sum of N100 million from the leadership of the Staff Union.

Onanuga in a letter dated May 27, 2019, dismissed the notion of incompetence on his part reminding his accusers that before his appointment as the Managing Director of NAN, he has been the Editor-in-Chief of the defunct-t Concord Magazine, he is the founding Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of The News Magazine, PM News Newspaper, AM News Newspaper and a host of others.

According to his lawyers, he built an enviable career in his chosen field of journalism from his days at Ogun State Television, as far back as in 1982 till date and we dare say his records has been without blemish.

“That on his eve of his departure, you and seven other staff of NAN caused to be written and delivered to the Honourable Minister of Information a letter dated 23’d of May, 2019, which is captioned “Save News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) From Eminent Collapse; Please don’t re-appoint Bayo Onanuga.

“In the light of the forego, we demand an immediate apology to be written and published by you and the other persons who conjoined to publish the vexed letter in two national newspapers and the payment of the sum of N100 million severally or jointly by the writers of the aforesaid letter of which you are one, “his legal team noted.

They further warned that they shall not hesitate to seek legal remedies in a court of competent jurisdiction, if within two weeks of the receipt of this letter, they refuse/neglect to accede our client’s demands.

Onanuga responds to allegations, backed by management


Thank you the Honourable Minister for giving me the opportunity to respond to this defamatory petition of the four unions in the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

I was shocked to read the allegations levelled against me by NAN Joint Union, an illegal creation of the four unions in the agency.

More shocking was the description of my tenure by the signatories to the letter as ‘the worst’ and I ‘the most corrupt manager in the history of the agency”.

The descriptions are the most uncharitable, most wicked about my three-year tenure.

I met the agency almost comatose and I ran it with financial prudence, denying myself and my office of my entitlements, brutally cutting costs, all to ensure that it survives and fulfils the mandate for which it was set up 43 years ago.

I recall my first day in NAN Headquarters on 25 MAY 2016. I was surprised when the lights were switched off at I was told power supply would return at 2pm. I learnt this had been the practice for some years, because the agency did not have money to buy diesel. I found this strange in a news agency that ought to run with 24 hour power supply. I provided N250,000 of my own money to the Technical Department to buy diesel and decreed that on no account must the agency be in darkness from 8am till 8pm daily. This was sustained all through my three years.

I embarked on cost-cutting measures, cutting allowances for the MD and other managers. I suspended burial and marriage grants later ruled as illegal by the Federal Government. I slashed the N200,000 imprest meant for my office to N50,000. I declined collecting DTA due to me when I made official trips to Lagos. The imprest was paid irregularly, even after the vast reduction from the N200,000 officially earmarked, thus making me spend personal funds for official duties. I regularly joked I must be NAN’s most austere CEO.

Still as part of cost saving, I sometimes elected to travel economy class on few occasions I went on foreign trips, the latest being a fact-finding mission to Abidjan about the agency’s property.
While I beseech God to forgive my traducers, I have taken steps to seek legal remedy.
I will now respond to the allegations raised by the petitioners, along with the ones made by the faceless group, signed by a non-existing NAN staff, called Idris Bala.


  1. Momoh: My predecessor had three SAs, one of whom I inherited. Then I appointed Momoh, being a long serving staff, who started in editorial and had run the agency’s subsidiary company, NAN Bizcom , before ending his career as director of administration.
  2. My second assistant, was Mr Joe Bankole, who also had spent long years in the agency and was specifically retained to help in the re-engineering of the Multimedia unit of the agency. The agency had invested a lot of money in training Bankole.
  3. Both were paid by government on downgraded level from 17 to 16. Bankole was fired last year after failing to organise the 40th anniversary of the agency.

But why did unions wait till this moment to kick against

NANBizcom was set up as a limited liability company. The auditing of the accounts up till 2017 has been done. We are in the process of auditing the accounts for 2018 and are still owing the auditors for 2015-2017 audit, done under my watch. The Federal Auditors have perused our books before and not once was it raised that the income of NANBIZCOM should go into TSA.

NAN BIZCOM has accounts with Access Bank and Zenith Bank and is dependent on income from training and commercialisation of some of NAN assets, such as the Media Centre in Lagos. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the last two years under my stewardship, the total turnover generated by the company was as follows:
2017 – N14,666,100.
2016 – N13,760,158.
2015- N12,341,260
2014- N 24,947,840

Please note that the figures are not reflective of the monthly costs incurred in running, most especially the Media Centre in Lagos.

We are in the process of re-organising the company for better performance. Its key asset, Media Centre in Lagos has just been renovated. It was done by direct labour at a cost of about N7million. We got a quote of N22million from a contractor before my management decided to adopt direct labour.

I am not aware that the income accruing to NAN Bizcom, a limited liability company, should be paid into TSA, as being alleged.
It is simply wicked to accuse me of diverting the income to my personal use. The audited accounts will clear all issues around this.

I inherited a lot of KIA vehicles guzzling money for repairs. It was in realisation of this that we requested for new vehicles under the Presidential Intervention Fund to replace them. I bought one of the auctioned cars: the six year-old car attached to me.

Other vehicles were sold to the managers and those who expressed interest, including one of the drivers in Lagos. Due process was followed in the disposal of the vehicles, including approval of the Ministry of Works and an advert for auctioning placed by an official auctioneer. All records are available.

I really do not understand what they meant that I was using consultants to intimidate staff.

First of all, I ran an open office all through my three years. Staff were free to seek audience with me.

Last year, I called in retired directors to set the tests for promotion in all departments. Could these be the consultants they were complaining about?

One of the signatories to the petition, Suleman failed the last promotion exam. He wanted me to promote him, nevertheless. I refused. He now wants a pound of flesh. As far as I know, all those who passed the tests were promoted. We also promoted those who fell on the borderline. Allegation of intimidation is baseless.

In the unionists rush to crucify Bayo Onanuga, their accusation Number 5 was disjointed. I could not therefore figure out what they were alleging.

Suffice it to say that the Intervention fund for the election was used strictly for the purposes for which the fund was released. Fifteen Peugeot cars approved by government were bought directly from Peugeot Automobile after a waiver from BPP and approval of Federal Executive Council (FEC). 100 quality HP laptops were bought and 150 ipads and Samsung tabs were also bought as approved by BPP. All were distributed to reporters, editors and some members of staff in other departments. The records are there in the store.

Also Galaxy Backbone, a government agency which is our internet service provider was invited to upgrade NAN bandwidth as approved by Mr. President. Abuja headquarters which previously had 5 MBPS up and down was upgraded to 30 MBPS and Lagos with 1 MBPS was upgraded to 10 MBPS up and down. Galaxy Backbone can confirm. NAN SMS platform was also expanded. The books are always open to independent investigation. We welcome ICPC and EFCC.

The appointments of two members of staff were terminated because they wrote fake stories. It is a capital offence in journalism for an officer to sit down in the comfort of his room to concoct stories. Five other officers, at various times, were suspended for similar offences. They were duly queried but Management was not satisfied with the explanation as their offences put the Federal Government and NAN in serious disrepute. Three persons suspended in 2017, two of them, deputy directors, wrote a spurious story that the Federal Government had increased fees in tertiary schools, quoting a fake press release credited to an ASUU chairman in the University of Ibadan. The man denied issuing the press statement. NAN retracted the story and wrote a letter of apology to the ASUU official.

Due process was followed in the actions taken by management. Left to the petitioners, I should not discipline staff who crossed the yellow and red lines, including committing the capital offence of writing fake news.

The 40th Anniversary of NAN was planned to hold in October last year but the organising committee made a shabby arrangement. The Board of Directors asked us to suspend the celebration. The donors were informed.

All the donations, about N5million were kept with NAN BIZCOM as they were not revenue that should go into TSA.

For now, the money has been borrowed to renovate the NAN Media Centre in Lagos, believing the centre will make the money back.

At this moment, there is no such libel suit against the agency. It exists in the imagination of the petitioners.

The faceless group that calls itself CONCERN(SIC) STAFF OF NAN, accused me of sabotage, alleging that my PMNEWS breaks news before NAN. This is again groundless. PMNEWS subscribes to NAN and had been a subscriber for many years. PMNEWS also gets its news from a variety of sources.

The accusation is surprising and self-indicting to the faceless petitioners. NAN should break news as a news agency, not the other way round. Besides, I am neither the editor-in-chief or reporter-in-chief of NAN and only help occasionally when stories are badly written.

But I thank the group for raising this matter.

Since my arrival in 2016, one unending campaign that I have waged was to get NAN journalists report news instantaneously. Subscribers complain constantly about shoddily written and edited stories. They complain about late news. More often NAN reports news five, six hours, even at 10 hours, after the event and when we do report, our stories compare poorly to the ones written by subscribers we serve. I had issued many queries. I had conducted many grammar clinics and brought in experts to help out. I appointed an Ombudsman. The efforts have not made the impact I wanted as the shoddiness continues.

This I must say is at the heart of the agency’s problems. Many editorial staffers of NAN are simply not qualified to be in the newsroom, a problem caused by compromised recruitment of the past.
And because of the poor quality of news they produce, the agency is unable to attract many subscribers, especially outside the country. Subscribers to the agency’s SMS news alerts would have come across the shameful errors made by the journalists on a daily basis. Some NAN journalists can’t write correctly ‘Muhammadu Buhari’ or ‘Yemi Osinbajo’. Ignorance and incompetence, are so deep seated, so palpable.

They got their facts wrong. The editorial chiefs, who I suspect, wrote the second faceless petition, want vehicles personally allocated them, against the government rules. We do not even have such luxury now. Vehicles are now in the pool.

I have only conducted one recruitment exercise since I joined NAN. An approval was given by the government for the employment of 52 persons, as replacement for departed staff. An examination was conducted and the best were recruited. To use Trumpian language, NAN had never before assembled such high quality recruits in one fell swoop, in its recent history. Management is today proud of the quality of staff employed. They are the future of NAN. I do not regret engaging them.

Last year, a decision was taken to review allowances paid to corps members, IT Students and my official driver. The allowances have been in place for more than six years.

I had no nephew that came to serve in NAN.

In all, I see the petitions as an attempt to rubbish the good work I have done in the agency.

I am ready for a probe. The EFCC or ICPC should be invited to check the records.
Since I assumed duty as Managing Director, I have never dipped my hands into the Agency’s coffers. I have demonstrated financial discipline by reducing waste, all because I believe the agency must survive first to fulfil its core business of news gathering and distribution.

All the past three years, the unions have never accused me of financial impropriety. It is painful that at the end of my tenure, they suddenly cooked up the malicious and actionable allegations.

All records are available to support my submission and I hope the signatories to the petition will be ready to defend their libellous allegations.

The lies are designed to block my re-appointment. I wish them good luck.
I believe the petitioners are afraid of impending reforms in the Agency and are doing everything possible to thwart efforts to make NAN compete favourably with its peers.

I attach a summary of my achievements the past three years.

I also suggest that the Honourable Minister call the signatories to a meeting on Monday, to discuss the allegations. I need to confront them face-to-face.

His response and decisions were also backed by the NAN Management as contained in their response to the Minister of Information and Culture on May 27, 2019:

The Honourable Minister,




We members of the Management of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), comprising Heads of Departments and sectionals heads, wish to formally make our position known on the aforementioned subject orchestrated by “NAN Joint Union’’.

Our resolve to wade into the matter is to save NAN and Mr Bayo Onanuga from unnecessary intimidation.


Mr Bayo Onanuga is a seasoned professional and a technocrat, who is passionate about the journalism profession and worked tirelessly to uplift the profession through the Agency and to make NAN to compete favourably with other international news agencies.


It is in very bad taste to assassinate the character of another person for no just cause. The allegations against the Managing Director are unfair and embarrassing to Management which has been working tirelessly to salvage NAN from wreck. Contrary to the allegations, NAN is rising from slumber and coming alive.

This petition is deliberate and aimed at working against the renewal of Mr Bayo Onanuga’s appointment.

As the Management that worked closely with the Managing Director in the last three years to actualize his policies directed to put the Agency back on its track, we see the actions of these petitioners as an attempt to distract and undermine the achievements of the current management ably headed by Mr Bayo Onanuga.

The action of the petitioners is uncalled for to say the least.

The genuine effort to bring positive change and development to the Agency should not be twisted by insinuations which will not augur well for the Agency.

The effort of the management in carrying out reforms which resulted in cutting costs and boosting the revenue over the years is a laudable.

These steps may have been ignorantly misconceived as maladministration.


We the Heads of Departments and Sections unanimously stand firmly with Mr Onanuga and dissociate ourselves from the position of the petitioners.

We wish to reiterate our firm confidence in the leadership of Mr Onanuga and urge the Honourable Minister to investigate these allegations.

We promise the Honourable Minister of our readiness to individually make presentation on Mr. Onanuga anytime we are called upon to do so.

We remain sincerely yours

Alhaji Idris Abdulrahman. Editor-In-Chief (HOD Editorial)
Alhaji Biola Lawal, Director (Marketing)
Alhaji Abdulhadi Khaliel, Acting Director (HOD Adm.HRM)
Mr Oladele Ojo, Acting Director (HOD Finance and Account)
Mrs GbemisolaErinoso-Babalola, Acting Director (HOD PRS)
Mr Christian Okoro, Assistant Director (Acting HOD ICT/Tech)
Mrs Stella Benjamin, Board Secretary
Mr Ahmed Bashir, Director (Head of Audit)
Mr Obiora Chukwumba, Director (Publications)
Mr Anthony C. Mbibi, Assistant Director (Procurement)

Staff Unions insists on their allegations, Onanuga’s resignation

In their response, the Staff Union insisted on their allegations as well as the call that Onanuga’s tenure has ended and must not be reappointed back to the helm of affairs in NAN.

The Joint Union held meeting with the Acting MD, Mr Idris Abdurahaman in company of other management staff of the Agency and table the following:

  1. The Unions do not want to see Onanuga in NAN again.
  2. That the documemt Management staff signed on solidarity with Onanuga should be withdrew.
  3. The Ag MD should do the needful in addressing labour/welfare issues in NAN.
  4. The union leaders shall converge and meet with the Ag MD and Management staff again.

However, as we resume to do our work, let us remain peaceful, calm and be assured that,

  1. Onanuga and his psychophantic cronies would no longer influence draconian policies in NAN again.
  2. The union and other management are willing to synergize to make things right.

Aluta Continua.

Respect to all NAN staff. We appreciate.


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