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Nigerians @UN: Maximizing the Mohammeds on the global stage

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My eyes on the global scene in 2020-2021 as I monitor the unfolding of local events and strategies deployed to address changing conflict dynamics in Nigeria

Nathaniel Msen Awuapila

Effective from September 2019 a Nigerian, eminent Professor Tijjani Mohammed-Bande, from Kebbi State, will occupy the highest “political” position at the United Nations. He will be President of UNGA. 

Since 2017 a Nigerian already has been occupying the enviable position of Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, none other than Dr Amina Mohammed, who originally hails from Gombe State with a mother of British origins. 

Prof. Mohammed-Bande’s home state shares boundary with Zamfara State out of which high-class banditry activities originated several years ago. His State (Kebbi) is classified as a Middle Belt State, where the highest burden of organised herdsmen attacks have been reported. 

Dr. Amina Mohammed, a proud mentee of the eminent Prof. Gambari, although born in old Kaduna State, comes from a State that shares boundaries with all BAY States (i.e. Borno, Adamawa, Yobe) which recorded the highest burden of the Boko Haram terror. 

UN Deputy Secretary-General, Dr. Amina Mohammed

So I say, “all eyes on the global scene while monitoring and addressing local dynamics”. These two Nigerians, somehow connected by virtue of their middle or last name – Mohammed. Would they in anyway have the spirit of Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him! Would they be the kind of peacebuilders Africa’s most populous nation needs at its peak of crisis? But I think they have a lot more in common. 

During the next year and beyond, a lot of Hausa and Fulani languages with doses of the Pidgin English will be spoken in the halls and on corridors of the UN HQ and at UN regional and country offices around the world. What dividends for Nigeria would we have? My eyes are all washed and focused to see what real changes can be brought about by virtue of the eminent Nigerian son and daughter (although they are probably both grandparents already).

The UNGA President, Prof. Tijjani Muhammed-Bande

My one and primary advocacy to Dr. Amina and Prof. Bande: please, help us find durable, sustainable peace in Nigeria again. We once all lived in peace, basically. 
I believe that you both have within and around you, all that is necessary to unite Nigeria again. I ask for nothing more. 
And if you’re looking for allies, you have quite a few of them already.

Congratulations Sir, and belated congratulations Ma!   

Awuapila is a conflict expert, development and human rights advocate 

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